Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I lied- no boots- dull teeth!

I lied folks! I thought I was done being sick! But my body has decided that it likes having coughing fits, and depriving itself of sleep. I have a tough love body. Went to the E.R. again for more awesome breathing treatments, xrays and inhalers.
I feel like I'm ten years old again. "Please great powers of the universe! Let me feel better for Halloween!-If I can't breathe my mom won't let me out of the house to trick or treat!" Did you ever do that as a kid? Whenever you were in a tight pickle or bad situation(of your own doing)- you would quickly find religion,or start praying to the powers of the universe,etc. As a kid I broke a lot of items(I mean a lot!) chairs, windows,toys,garage doors. I was always in the pickle factor! I would always have that one on one with a higher power-"Please great powers that be!I will never do this again-if you just make this go away!" or "Please God get me out of this and I promise-I will never steal another piece of cheesecake again!"
I know you know -what I'm talkin about! You may pretend you don't-but you know!
Same situation- when you were a kid did you ever have that crazy lemonade stand daydream? You know the one... The thinking goes like this - you would set up a lemonade stand with your friend- you would be making good money- ten cents a cup- a few moms buy a cup or two-the strange kid down the road purchased a cup- then the best thing in the world would happen! The biggest limousine in the world would drive up. The richest man in the world would need a cup of your lemonade! Then because your lemonade was so good(and he had so much money).He would pay for his cup of lemonade. But he would not pay you with a dime. Oh noooooo my friends! He would pay you with several hundred dollar bills and a box of awesome toys. Did you ever have these scenarios in your head as a kid? Perhaps you still do as an adult- it makes for a weird work ethic- but my day dreams are great! Talk with you all later.... I hope my ramblings make sense- I'm full of meds and goodies!
Trying to get my energy back-I need it for Halloween! My favorite day of the year! Above is a a piece I did of my grandmother on my mom's side. I made it late last night during another asthma attack. I never met my grandmother, or my grandfather. But I see them both in pictures. In these pictures I can see the way my grandfather looks at her. She was his sweet musical rose.


Judy Bidwell said...

Sorry to hear about your asthma and how it has beated you down! Here's my wish for a swift recovery! Take it easy!

Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

Boy, you have had a rough go of it! Get better, we have a new classroom screaming to be filled with students that love to take your classes! Speedy recovery! kj


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