Friday, October 26, 2007

Air! Give Me Air! Just call me "Inhaler Boy"!

My new name "Inhaler Boy". Welcome to the blog of "Inhaler Boy & Allergy Girl". Forget Jack and Cat. Sorry we have not posted in a few. Been more than under the weather. I have been hiding under it and away from it. I became quite ill and crept into a little dark cave. But now- I feel better! After many days of not being able to breathe, fevers, chills, and nose rag! I am out! It started a few weeks ago. It was hard to pin down- weather change- new cat- lots of painting-chemicals- spray paint, etc. But really- it was a big bad cold. My asthma came back with a vengeance. It hasn't been that bad since my grand days of choose your own adventure books, dancing on my bed to Kenny Loggins, and looking like a total nerd. The days of fourth grade. Heres a pic- it will only be posted for a few days- so enjoy! Yes! My parents didn't love me. Proof- the picture. My parents actually let me leave the house looking like this- Oh yes! I have more of these pics. These were the days of Mike Mayonnaise. A fun nickname! How big are those glasses?

Anyway- my immune system crumpled- due to allergies-chemicals-cat- dust-rust solution-George Bush- dirty filters-OJ Simpson-new haircut- stress eating-(and of course) Britney Spears.

Seriously-my body crashed- starting sucking on my inhalers, couldn't sleep, couldn't breathe. Best example my class at Mystic Paper last Saturday- I thought that I was going to pass out trying to get info to my fantastic, creative, beeswax lovin students. You were a great group and I appreciate it! If for any reasons you have questions that I wasn't able to share in class- please email me and drop a note!

So after several days of coughing, wheezing, doctors, home remedies, antibiotics, and several inhalers.
I emerge! Still have symptoms- but better. Lesley on the other hand- she's starting where I was a couple of days ago. Not good. Coughing, sneezing, sounding like Darth Vader - If I could just find that outfit down below? Hmm...

So I hope you like my little art piece on the top. I made it special based on the last few days. I will post again later tonight.... more to share... but I just thought- I 'd let you know I'm STILL ALIVE. The one thing about being sick- is when you get better you have a need to kick life in the ass -and then take a big bite of it! So I got my boots on and my teeth are ready! Adios...


Jennifer and Kim said...

Whew, we were gettng worried about the art that emerged from your distress! Lesley, get better and Mike stop by and check out the new classroom. Lots and lots of room for you and your students! kj

Jennifer and Kim said...

Come on Mom & Dad! Where's the love? I do have to admit I have many a photo where it is obvious that my Mom used a bowl to cut my hair. Glad you lost the Thelma glasses! (Scoobie Do's Thelma that is)- jw


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