Friday, October 19, 2007

Stop! Walk Away! Just Stop!

How do you know when a piece is done? When should you walk away? How many embelishments are to much? How much glitter mist and gold should you add? Do you ever have those days when your artistic voice is off? When you take pieces to the point of no return? That was me yesterday. Everything I touched- several projects- I just didn't know when to stop. You keep adding-adding-until you create a non happy accident. You keep working and then you destroy the part of the piece you really loved, or change the entire feel of the piece.I had this great piece yesterday-I may show a pic- and then I decided to add spray webbing- I miss shot and covered parts that I really enjoyed. As the song said- You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em. Know when to walk away and know when to run".
My point-sometimes you just need to walk away-and come back to fight with it another day. Here are some pics- of two examples for Saturday's Beeswax Collage class at Mystic Paper. Its going to be an awesome class. Black Cats, Witches. and spooky stuff-I say. Have a grand Friday everyone!
Oh yes- Happy Birthday this week Mystic Paper Kim! I hope its a great 23rd Birthday!
Oh to be so young!
Also advice to all-sometimes a little change adds alot to your confidence and perhaps your art- meaning? Get a haircut! I did- I make cooler stuff when I get a haircut! A good well massaged-kinda haircut! Also add a little color! Oh man!It does wonders for the soul when you is lookin good! Trust me.-Mike


Jennifer and Kim said...

Mike you crack me up! Can't wait to see the new "do" Saturday. Can't imagine you having artistic trauma...ha! kj

Judy Bidwell said...

OOOOMG!!! I love the last picture in this blog of the three guys -- especially the weird one on the right!!! Over do?? Over do?? I am famous for "junking up" too much!! I have had to rein in the impulses (a lot!) to put too many doo-dads on things!! I love to cover every square inch! You should see my Gypsy Journal! I love it! But it's overdone!

Melisa said...

Mike, I took your class at Mystic Paper on Saturday and I was simply amazed....I'm thinking of all the stuff I can cover with wax now! I have some wooden cigar boxes that I've been aching to do something with and after working with wax, my mind is running wild. Thanks for your inspiration....I look forward to your future classes!

JWood said...

Hey Mike! Nice work! Finally, I found your blog!

Now... Let's get back to work, I'm 'dyin' to take another class!


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