Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The challenge is coming! I'm a bad man.

The challenge is coming. I promise. I'm getting caught up. I'm so behind. But first-I gotta tell ya about my Friday!
First Friday was a mess! First Friday is a big art walk & gather in the downtown area. Here in the fifth largest city in the nation. At its best it can be a cluster of galleries, crafters, artists, cement spankers, graffiti boys,street performers,musicians, tattoo junkers, and roller girlz. At its worst- people making art with recycled food products, folks standing around checking each other out, bad hair, tight jeans, and a bunch of pan handlers writing poetry. When its bad-its bad!But when its good-its grand! Nothing like a COMMUNITY COMING TOGETHER. Like anything you need to take the good with the bad. Without bad theater-you would have no good theater. Same approach- you need some level to measure it all. You need to take one with the other. Yin/Yang, etc. Phoenix is not quite where it needs to be as far as a solid rockin art scene. Whats wrong with the scene? I just sat here and wrote about five paragraphs covering that topic- but this may not be the place or the time for that topic. I believe that I will create another blog site to cover all that. Did you hear that sound? That was me jumping off of my soap box.
Back to Friday- it was rough. We arrived downtown with all of our goodies and wares. People started clustering around, we started to set up. During that time dark clouds came overhead. We knew we were taking a chance. We rolled the dice. We set up. We sold some. Shared in talk with customers. Then it hit. Hard rain in buckets. Covered the tent. Dripped off the sides. The dirt at our feet turned into dark rolling mud. This was not fun. Luckily-most of the art was quickly collected. But it was a dirty wet mess that we unloaded the next day. We drank that night, we drank, and we drank some more. Wine and a few episodes of “Deadwood”. It helped. I don't like things boring. Never. Give me the wild times over the mild times always. But I don't like wet and cold. I like cold- I like wet. But not together. Never together. Except as a drink. I like that. More coming soon.......


Ericka said...

You don't like wet and cold together? Is that why you left me to sit in Seattle without you? :) Having taught 4-5 year olds with you, I totally back up your statement about you liking it wild over mild! Miss ya!

Michael J & Lesley Fisher said...

We miss you-teaching partner! Damn I miss you! I hope all is well for you and yours. Teaching with you was the best! Teddy Bear Picnic forever!


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