Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Creative Challenge #4-Winter Holiday

So here are the pieces that I received for Creative Challenge #4- Winter Holiday for the week of December 3rd! I hope that you enjoyed the winter collage sheets.Once again a big "Thank You" to everyone that created a piece. I apologize for not having them up sooner. Once again I hope for comments.I would also highly encourage everyone to check out the sites and links of these fantastic ladies! They are posted with the photos and also in my links to the side.Enjoy All!

Titled "Naughty Santa" By Di Ann Sheps. Her Etsy and Flickr!

Digital piece titled "Old Saint Nick" by Gretchen at heArt-a-day!Gretchen also used "Obsidian Dawn Photoshop brushes" with this piece. "Obsidian Dawn" makes some fantastic brushes. I use her wing set in some of my projects- fantastic!

Digital Collage titled "Santa Man" by Jack & Cat Curio
I broke the rules. Only one image- I was going to put another.... didn't need it!

Collage titled "The Year Rebecca Saved Christmas" by the Baroness at Dreams & Ghosts

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Heartaday said...

There are rules??? Eeek...I almost only used one image too. lol



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