Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Paris Beeswax Collage Class" at Mystic Paper

Monday night I taught another beeswax class at Mystic Paper in Mesa Az. This was a beeswax collage class with a "Paris" theme. The rain and traffic held me for a small amount a time. So I was late for class. Nothing worse in my book-I was going crazy about arriving late. But when I arrived my nerves soon calmed. I found the most delightful group of individuals waiting for an artistic creative night! Nothing better than a group of students willing to experiment, soak up what you offer, and run with it all in new ways. Ladies thank you for a fantastic class!I learn from you as much as you learn from me.I want to say thank you to all that ventured to class on a cold rainy Monday night in December. In my opinion it was the perfect type of rainy weather night ripe for tickling the artistic senses. I hope you all enjoyed the class and continue making enjoyable work that sings your own personal style and vision! I hope everyone chooses to further experiment with beeswax. If you have any questions(or if anyone else does about beeswax)please ask away. As mentioned in class-posted here is a link to all my notes and images. Also this week I will post my Paris collection of images on my "Flickr" for any that want to create and play. Just click on the links below. Special salute and high five jive to my friends that helped me cut images and clean up afterwards. Also thanks for your trades and gifts. Good luck with your art show on Friday Judy! I'll be there. If anyone has any questions or problems you can email me,leave a comment, or visit me during the live ATC trade and Second Friday event at Mystic Paper this Friday. Here are a few pics of class and projects.
Thanks again ladies! Thanks Kim & Jennifer for giving me a space to teach as well!Love the new classroom.


Laura said...

I really enjoyed your class. It is really nice to see a person so excited to share their talent. It really shows. I can not wait to see what your next project is going to be!!

JWood said...

I can't WAIT to finish my project! But more urgent projects (such as holiday decorating and shopping) are calling to me!

Thanks Mike! I had a great time! You are a GEM!


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