Thursday, March 6, 2008

Banner Manner Tuesday!

Banner Manner #1-Sepia
So I'm a few days late. Nothing new- trying hard to get caught up. Last night I would have been blogging- but I had to watch Project Runway! Season Finale! We love Project Runway! Anywho-
Banner Manner #1-Red
Banner Manner Tuesday! What the heck is that? It goes like this- We love to make and create alot! I mean alot! Not unlike many of you out there I'm sure.
I love to experiment with Photoshop, Corel, Elements, Etc....We make alot-some we can't use-some we can! Some things I need more practice on, others techniques I need to develop more. I need projects to currently explore. I also teach a few classes-one being a entry Blog class as of late. I need examples for students- etc.... Hence Banner Manner Tuesday!
Banner Manner #1-Pink
So this is the deal! Every Tuesday we will post a newly made banner for your blogging or Etsy needs.You may use them as you deem fit. You can download them-from our Flickr. They are yours to do with as you may desire. We leave them open for you to add your name or text. For now we will make many of them to fit Etsy & Blogger size! Wordpress and others some time later. All that we ask is that you give a credit line somewhere at some time. We will post them only for a few days. Every Tuesday (Once we get on schedule) we will post a new one. Enjoy and have fun! If you have any questions or tips for us-email!

Banner Manner #1-Purple Glow
I have also created a quick Blog link to help with those that may have questions about how to implement-etc...


Lindsey Michaelree said...

I hear ya on the Project Runway!!! So cool, I love everything you have been up to lately!

Jack & Cat said...

Who was your fav on the Runway? It's good to hear from ya. Thanks for the words. Good to see you blogging!

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Honestly it was between Christian & Jillian. I could see myself in Jillian's collection more but Christian's work is like ART, he is so talented & his workmanship always seems flawless. What about you? And yes finally got the blog up and running!

Jillian said...

Thanks for the banners! I left you a comment over on flickr too.


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