Friday, March 7, 2008

Phoenix will enforce ban on sidewalk sales

So I have spent several hours today. Talking and writing complaints and comments. Why? You may ask? Because of a certain article that was printed in the Arizona Republic yesterday. I knew that this was coming. You could feel it in the air. Also there was a meeting held last month that was discussed highly between certain circles. So here is a link to that article:

Phoenix will enforce ban on sidewalk sales

Read and enjoy. I have written several rather long letters and blog posts. But one should never post angry. Its like blogging drunk.... What you say today may haunt you tomorrow. Would love to hear responses from those that have supported us. Also those that live out of state. After you have read the article-come on back. I'll post more on this in a bit....Also don't forget to read the comments people have added at the bottom. Thats the part that really gets me.

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Tricia Samsal said...

I went this past friday to First Fridays to sell my art and had a blast. This was my first time selling at this "event" and was so excited! I made the decision about a week before to go down and sell. I had wanted to for a year now, but just never go to for one reason or another. The best part of the whole night was that my 20 year old son and his girlfriend came down to support me and they just loved the whole idea, everything. They were so surprised that this sort of thing was going on in PHX of all places. They kept saying that they felt like they were in LA. The are both recovering addicts from alcohol to drugs and this was such a perfect event for them to see. Different cultures and people. SOmething to do other than drugs. The people who want to take this event away don't understand what they are taking away. They are taking away choices-VERY IMPORTANT CHOICES that young adults can make. I really hope that everyone can come to some kind of compromise to this situation. Because for some people ii is a matter of life and death. CHOICES. SOrry for so long of a comment but I felt that needed to be said. I will definitely be back there next month.


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