Monday, March 31, 2008

Beeswax Collage- Cowgirl Fever!

In between packing I was able to get a few projects done. Here is my art a day posts for this weekend. I was able to finally sit- for a few hours and turn on my melters. As you all know -I have had cowgirl fever lately. I think its almost out of my system. I think that these might be the next beeswax class examples. Not sure. Anyone ever seen any real cool western/cowboy press ons or rub ons? Let me know... I'm on the search. Talk soon.


Lindsey Michaelree said...

Always a pleasure to see posts of your work. I was at Mystic Paper this weekend and got to see your Metal Tape in person.....SO COOL! Take care and good luck with the move!

Jack & Cat said...

Thanks Lindsey!

Judy said...

Fantastic cowgirl collages! Love them!! I have been so busy lately that I haven't lifted a glue stick! Got to get back in the groove again! Thanks, again, for all your help with my blog. I am very happy with it! Also for putting me onto Flickr,, the music .com, and for sending me the pics. On to Etsy!! That's next!!

Tina said...

I found some :
at a show in OK city last month..they are B movie looking in sepia tones..

Jan Ely said...

Love these! I just finished a "Cowgal" piece for my sister's birthday. It will be posted on my blog after she receives it in the mail. (Don't want to ruin her surprise!)

Do you still have your weekly art "challenge"? I love the images that you share and want to try one.

Good luck on your move!

Sanja said...

wow..this is stunning!!!


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