Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Masterpiece Monday's!

So I have decided to change the whole Masterpiece Mondays-Yes-after one week. I had the collage challenge going back in the Fall-then we stopped-and I have recently changed it to Masterpiece Monday's. I receive a lot of emails about people loving the challenge-love the collage sheets-but don't have time for the actual challenge. So I have decided to do the following. I will continue posting collage sheets and such material on Monday's. If you should happen to make something with those sheets-then give us a holler here. Send a pic- and I will gladly post it.

So pictured above is an awesome collage that I received from Teresa Stanton! Who is simply amazing! I ran across Teresa on Flickr. Instantly fell in love! You must pay her a visit. You will become green eyed with envy-once you look at the pictures of her studio! She also has a fantastic collection of backgrounds, great artwork, and lots of goodies to share! Thank you Teresa!

Speaking of talented crafty gals-check out my favorite southwest crafty diva Judy B!
Another gal with cowgirls on the brain!

Attached are also some new collage sheets for this week.Cowgirls & Cowboys seems to be my fancy that I'm working on this week. Enjoy! More postings later today. Hey Kim-glad to hear your feeling better!

Cowgirl Transparency Sheet

Western Collage Sheet

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