Sunday, March 9, 2008


Sisters, originally uploaded by jack and cat curio.

Art a day for Sunday! Just finished this piece in between cleaning and diamond glaze drying. I was thinking gothic- murder- mystery- sisters... somethin like that. Trying to work with textures and inverting-for you photoshop folk. It was based on a door photo I took outside an import store yesterday. Can't see much of the door at the moment. Never know where the inspiration will come from. Talk soon.


Jillian said...

Really interesting! I love the feel of the piece. The skull/wings in white is a great contrast. I love seeing your work!

Jack & Cat said...

Your awesome! Thanks for your visits and comments it keeps me going!

JWood said...

nice image! keep up the great work!

Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

Mike, I am so glad I ran in to you today at the store. Went right to Sprouts, loaded up on nettles and some other spray stuff for pollen and I'm good to go! Thanks!

Sonya said...

Right back at ya! I love visiting your blog. Not only do I get an eyeful of some amazing artistry, I get a small lesson in history! Keep up the great work.



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