Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Motel Stamp

Motel Stamp, originally uploaded by jack and cat curio.

Another love of Photoshop- I'm attempting to get really good at making stamp images of my shots. Can't wait to use this one on an altered project.This was taken from my shot below.


Jan said...

This is a brilliant, BRILLIANT blog! Have saved it as a favourite.
Thank you for uploading the free banners on 'Collage Images' site. Have used the green one to head up my blog.

Great music too!

Jack & Cat said...

Thank You Jan!Come on back anytime...

Tina said...

Love your blog and found you on Flickr too!!! You guys are awesome!

Judy Bidwell said...

Hey!! Just how did you do the surround on your blog? The great browns with the handwriting. I know that's not one of the templates. If you tell me it is through that "html" jargon, I will yell! I don't even know what it is. How did you do it??


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