Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday Technique & Free Image Friday

Ok! A busy day! I'm trying to finish a few projects.
-Trying to prep some ATC's for the live swap at Mystic Paper tonight.
-Attempting to finish some teaching examples.
-Blend in my promised "Thursday Technique" with a few of these.
-Post up "Free Image Friday" for you all!
-Finish setting up our "Amazon Bookstore" & make a few blog changes.
-Prep for an "Insightful Blogging Class" that I will be teaching at Mystic Paper.
-Finish an online portfolio for a job interview.

Get it all done before this weekend. Because this is going to be a very big crazy St. Patrick’s Day weekend. I love nothing more than Halloween & St. Patrick’s Day. I love Oktoberfest Festivals as well. I believe it’s the anarchist/rebel rouser/Irish rockabilly in me. I love getting together over good food & good drink. If you know me- and you've seen me. I look like a bear and I live like one as well. I love my food, I love my honey, but don't ever take it away from me. I'm round and huggable. But I have a temper. I love to eat, drink, and run a wild-until I crash on the floor and snore myself to sleep. Its what I do- in between all that-I make art, read, ghost hunt, go looking for adventure. My favorite piece of artwork in the entire world is the "Bear Dance" by Bearden. I also love lots of Michael Sowa. Talk soon. Need to get going.

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