Monday, March 17, 2008

Wow! Oh Wow! Happy St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

From my list on Friday. Still trying to get things done.........

Had a bad crafting day on Friday! Basically everything I touched turned into crap! Some of you might not like that I used that word. But when its true- its true. When you start to have days like that- you need to know- when to walk away. Do I hear Kenny Rogers? All that can happen is more damage and a waste of supplies. So I was totally frustrated. Crap, Crap, and more crap. Beeswax wasn't working, metal tape wasn't working, transparency was lookin weird, new techniques fell apart. A bad day.

It happens.

So I decided to clean the studio. We are moving to Mesa at the end of the month. It has been finalized. We have a house! Its going to be ready on the first of April. Its located in the heart of downtown Mesa. Its quiet, its lush,a big yard, in walking distance from a good coffee and breakfast. Walk to the library. Walk to Mystic Paper. Five minutes from school and clients. Five minutes from Lesley's work. Very close to a Fresh N Easy! Most of all no more living off a very dusty, dirty, dark alleyway. No more jawas- yes jawas! You know the brown cloaked dudes with the helium voices from Star Wars. The guys who steal robots and robot parts, etc. These are what we call the dudes who come out at night into our alleyway. They get in our trash, sleep outside the house,freak us out. Jawas No More!

These are Jawas!

So I cleaned the house. Prepping to move the studio. Big job. Had to downsize everything. Decide what you need - what you don't need. I need 1500 vintage flash cards! Don't need 200 purple cow buttons! I need three creepie old paintings of sailors! Don't need 50 glass med jars! I must keep three "Ouija" boards in French. I don't need three "Captain Kirk" figures with glue and paint on them. All that great stuff. It's time to throw a way the projects that did not work out. Funstuff. Finally got it all done late Sunday morning. Started crafting Sunday night. Been damn busy! Things are looking good. I will share a few pics of projects tonight.

Today-in between classes - I'm preppin for a rocking "Insightful Blogging Class" that I will be teaching at Mystic Paper tomorrow night. Putting together my notes and goodies. Its going to be an awesome class. Met with a few of the girls briefly at Mystic paper on Friday night. Still have a few spaces open....

It was "Mesa's Second Friday Night Out" event. I received some cool ATC's-show some pics tonight as well. I showed up empty handed due to my bad crafting day-but some people took pity on me. I missed a few people Judy W.? Judy B?

I will post more new things tonight. In the next while I will try to post a Technique & Friday Images. Tonight a few posts, collage sheet, and tomorrows banners, etc. So expect a few things...

Also finally finished our Amazon bookstore. Drop on in and take a look. What I'm mainly doing is using it to connect with students- use it as a resource. I will be posting a few of the products we use, and things that we talk about in class. But I strongly support buying locally- and looking for these items at your local independent. Plus it saves you on shipping. Also if your like me-I'm impatient-I can't or don't like to wait for supplies and goodies (not unless I really must).
As far as craft books these are basically my must haves and the ones that have inspired us the most. If you have some fav's or would like to comment - or open discussion on any books. Very open to that. Would love a weekly book chat-if anyone is open? Post a comment. Talk more soon. Thanx all!

Apologize for any spelling and grammar today. Allergies are horrible! My head feels like its going to split open and the entire cast of the "Wizard of Oz" will climb out singing! Make sense? Got Milk? Bueller?.... Bueller?


Judy Bidwell said...

I am suffering ATC burn out. Have seriously cut back on making them. Felt I was doing nothing but ATC's -- bummed me out! Perhaps I will get back on track later. I promise nothing.

Judy Bidwell said...

BTW! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and Leslie!!

Jan said...

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY11 Thank you for the music!

JWood said...

to quote a friend, i was there, heard you didn't have cards, i actually felt like "crap", called the paramedics early the next morning... sorry i missed ya, next time, k? i have some atc's left over : )


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