Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beeswax, First Friday, Collage, Tim Holtz, Mystic Paper, Art Contests

Yes-the title describes it all! Those are all things I need to post about. Fantastic crazy things I need to talk and share about.My poor neglected blog. I do love it- honest.
Been working on some things. The move is nearly accomplished and all unloaded. Last Tuesday we packed everything and moved into our new place.
It is good! If you know me- I get compulsive and obsessive about things. So the move was the only thing I could really concentrate on- must get unpacked, must get unpacked- can't be bothered with anything else. Thats how I get with things. So I was obsessive with the move, finishing classes, get finalized projects for school and shows out the door, unpack studio.
Also I have met with everyone- the cable man, the plumber, the pest control dude, the landlady, etc.... My brain has been scrambled.
Today calmness- studio unpacked, projects finished, a few more shows, all good. Lots of junk food-that moving rush.. eat on the run. Lots of carbs and crap. I feel heavy. how does the song go.. he's not heavy -he's my brother... anyway. Got some goodies. Now that I have more space and my computer lab set up and my camera area, etc..
We took the living room and made it into the studio again. But this time its bigger. I will show pics.
So for you music lovers that check in to my blog for the tunes. I dug deep for this special playlist mix. Its all about 1920-1930. Enjoy.
Banners to be posted, and some damn cool collage sheets. I will post again soon with such mentioned goodies. I have alot of people that have left very kind messages- I will get back to you. I promise. I just need a day -or a few hours of blog reading thats all I want to do. Cup of coffee- and lots of blogs. I also know this is a poor and sloppy post. Filled with ramblings. But I felt I needed to post- procrastination. Remember- they call me Procrastination Boy!


JWood said...

hey mike, don't beat yourself up! we all know you're busy, so are we... life goes on... blog when you can, let the rest slide...

Lindsey Michaelree said...

I figured you were going to be busy with the move. I know what you mean about becoming obsessive about completing one task, it's like you cannot be interupted or move on till you have completed what you set out to finish. I still check your blog for updates.....And I signed up for the Metal Tape Class!!!!! I am so excited, I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and guess I'll have to wait one more week! Congrats on the move and see ya in class!

Jack & Cat said...

You crack me up! Well thanks both of you.The move has been crazy-they always will be. This will be an awesome class- I can't wait. Talk soon!


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