Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Photoshop Artwork!

So here are two pieces I have been working on this week for an editorial project. I'm digging certain effects. I think that I will switch out images on these-and use the striped theater boxes in both on a few different projects.
Last week I won a scholarship award for "Best Digital Medium" at
the Mesa Community College Student Artshow.

I can't stress the freedom and the importance of having Photoshop skills and digital medium skills under your belt. It has really opened a huge rich deepness to everything I can create and do. It has been a fast-filled two years of learning. But every step of the way has been grand. Just in the first day of exploring digital mediums it has allowed me a unique freedom. I dig it! Also the feeling of not having to wait for someone else to get something done- meaning a web page, printing something, resizing, business cards, packaging, making pieces to add to my work. The list goes on...
Lots of personal freedom.
There will always be something new to learn.
Keep growing.
Keep stretching.
Do something your afraid of everyday!
Titled: "Passion Is Key"


Her Vintage Stage said...

Great going Mike! Pretty soon people will be lucky to get into your classes you'll be so in demand. Oh, that's how it is now, silly me. Love the art work. S.

Judy said...

These digital frames/pictures are awesome! I guess I am going to have to break down and spend the time creating with photoshop -- although it is a daunting task! How cool this is! Congratulations on the recognition from MCC!! You are on your way, my friend!

CeCe said...

Awesome Mike, just awesome. Glad for your award, glad for your advice!

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