Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blogging Class & Etsy !

Speaking of classes- In the last few weeks I have had the extreme pleasure of teaching an "Etsy" & "Intro to Blogging Class" at Mystic Paper. I love these classes. I love being able to help expand on peoples skills, audience, and personal creativity. In teaching these classes I have met some very talented individuals. In most classes you meet your students- you teach- you share- you both perhaps grow. The grandness in these classes- is that I get to spend a lot of one on one with individuals. We meet- I gain lots of perspective on you. We share- I learn alot about your creations- you as an artist-and your aspirations. During the process I get to help you further your artistic voice. In the past thats where some things ended as a teacher. You had the classroom time- you shared- then you sometimes met up in the future- kept tabs occasionally. But with blogging and Etsy- I can see and watch, and share with you daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. That relationship grows into something more. Thanks all. Here are a few of the blogs & individuals I was able to meet with in the last few weeks. I hope that you check them out and are able to make a connection. Thanks for reading.

Pam S-treasures-n-textures
Tanya- Roadtrip With Ruby and The Scarlett House
Diva Becky- Heart In My Hand
Laura Gunn- Decor To Adore
C.& T.- My Pixie Pond

Thanks Everyone!

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