Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jabberwocky- Gothic Style

So my last big project for school- needed to be based on an animal or creature. I decided upon the poem of the "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carol- Alice In Wonderland. Earlier I posted the early stage of the piece. Here is the final product. There is a bit of a dark story being told. The more I got into the project the more I leaned away from the "Jabberwocky" feel of the piece. Not sure. Like the final outcome. A good project to end the school year with.


Anonymous said...

I like your last school project. Love the cat eyes. And yes there are a lot of rattlers around that mine. And Congrats on your scholarship. You deserve it.

Jack & Cat said...

Thanks C&T.

Heartinmyhand said...

Hey Mike, Very cool. Happy Late Birthday. Thanks for the overly kind comment on my blog. See you at Mystic Paper

Jillian said...

Love your final school project. The cat's eyes were so neat although it wasn't the first thing htat I noticed.

My BFF Debra is at your Mystic Paper class today and I'm so jealous...hope y'all had a good time.

JWood said...

Great project! I LOVE the warm and cool color contrast! : )

PLO said...

VERY COOL! Is it mixed media or digital...I really can't tell!


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