Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ghosts-Textures-and Rust. Birthday goodies.

So I turned thirty six a few weeks ago. As I'm sure that I have mentioned a few times. Age-it has a way of being on the brain. But anyway it gets me going. For my birthday the Cat & my Mom took me out for an early morning photoshoot and basket breakfast out at the base of the Superstitions. Nothin better. Blue sky - orange rock, dust, sand, cactus. I love it. For me Phoenix has lost large amounts of that old west feel. You can still find it on the fringe and out of the city. Love the Superstition Mountains- the place is filled with stories and myth. The Lost Dutchman's Mine, bloody battles, murders, string of serial killings in the seventies. People go missing all the time.
The best story is about the beheaded bodies. If you have never heard about this -perk your ears up. It has been told that more than several bodies have been found around different times, and various locations out at the Superstition Mountains. More than several of these bodies missing heads. Never to be found. The last explanation I heard tell was that the Superstition Mountains are filled with these magnetic energy circles. People get trapped in these magnetic circles, get lifted and then the force of these magnetic fields cause bad things. Ya with me. Just one of the many weird stories to be told out here in the West.

After breakfast we took our cameras and spread out. All of us trying to get that money shot. You know the shot. The shot that screams- master of photography.

After that we made our way nice and early to the "Goldfield" ghost town. Not really a ghost town- a tourist trap with a few people living in weird housing. Trying to sell you ice cream and a mini train ride. But damn rich in old textures and aged wood. Rusty things with faded labels, and junk piles of forgotten freaky things.
My favorite kind of place.

I poked around old cars and crawled around in the dust getting great shots- I really expected a rattlesnake to jump out a few times.I give things another week. I'm not a snake person at all. I loved them as kids. But they give me the heebies now. When I opened an old car door- the train whistle went off at the same time. Scared the hell out of me. Anyway here are a few collaged pieces I made from some shots. My big goal in the next week or two- to make my way out to the Vulture Mine & ghost town. Can't wait- but I hear the place is loaded with rattlesnakes. I have been told to
bring a great Y stick for removing snakes.


Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

Great photos! Interesting read! We need to catch up.

Jack & Cat said...

Hey are you back in town? I hope so! Can't wait to talk. I hope you had a great adventure!

JWood said...

Great photos! I don't know how I missed this blog! Very nice! And a VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you! Love Goldfield, had family photos done there once or twice! Thanks for sharing!


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