Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eighties Music Mix!

I know that I have not blogged for a few days- more than a few. But tonight- I hope! Here is a new mix of music for ya for a few days. Its back to my grand eighties mix. I have also posted this mix( yes annoying for some- it also does not quite fit the vibe of my dear site- vintage circus/ curio meets "Eddy Grant-Electric Avenue"- I know) for my friends Tanya and Jennifer. I was thinking of ya both. Dug deep for some of the dear "Valley Girl" soundtrack material. Also a few Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, the early years of Punk will need to be added to a different blog. To harsh for some I imagine.Anywho- what the heck has been going on? Ghost hunting, birthday, lots of art, and lots of computer design goodies. Been making blogs and banners like a madman. I will post a few links later today-yes I'm talking about you Becky, Ted & Char, Pam, Tanya, Laura, Janice, Lisa, and a few more. Damn good sites I saY! Helping others discover blogging and other such computer oriented goodies- fills my sails, floats my boat, makes me happy. Seriously. It does. What is even better- is every time I sit down with someone - it reminds me of where I was two years ago with a few things.- A certain friend that I was working with the other day- was talking about how she knows what she wants- she can visualize it in her head- but the transfer from mind to computer or digital medium can be a toughie. But damn this girl rocked the house with her blog. We all want to do more and communicate more with different mediums. But damn technology just throws a wrench in the works. Just another medium and more techniques to learn. But once figured a very cool tool. I know I'm kinda rambling. Another thing that amazes me lately- is what a hub of strong artists and crafters are in this area. We have some fantastic local talent creating in this area. Huge to be honest. Every day I meet another. Take care all. Be back with more tonight. Need to go work the Mystic Paper magic for a few hours.


Lindsey Michaelree said...

So good to read your blog, thanks for always sharing with us.... And can't wait for Saturday, Metal Tape here we come!

Debra McWm said...

Ghost hunting? Cool! Where do you go?

Jillian said...

Whoa--flashback w/the 80s mix! :)
Glad to see you blogging and so envious that my friend Deb gets to go be out there w/all of you AZ artists while I'm stuck in a swamp in NC. Oh well...trying to make the best of what I've got. Have a great day all.

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Gee...I wonder what inspired you! Great minds think alike. You know I'm loving it. You even included my fave of all times~Crowded House, like totally. Btw, your gooey goodies will be delivered next Tues.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that I missed the 80's music! We really need speakers at the store.


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