Thursday, May 8, 2008

I need to blog! Blog ,Art , & Life

So here is a sample of one of the many projects I have been working with... many more goodies coming soon.

School, classes, teaching, making blogs, art shows. I have had no time for my own blogging and journaling. I have been swamped. The days have been short and my to do list long.
I have piles of yellow legal pad "to do"lists. Everyday I work the list down. But it just keeps growing. But school ended yesterday- all my projects in and done. Semester is over. I have completed many of my art projects and assignments.

I have taught several classes in Photoshop, Etsy, and blog making in the last few days. They have been great classes. Ladies and gentlemen -I can't wait to get some of your blogs, stores, and personal creations up and on the world wide web. The time that I have spent with you all has been an enriching experience for me as I hope that it was for you. In the last few weeks I have also started working part time at the grand "Mystic Paper" in Mesa. So far -I have spent as much as I make. I think they knew that I might. Ellen, Kim , and J thanks for the training and all your help. Customers of Mystic Paper thank you for your patience.

I also want to say thanks to a few fellow bloggers and artists out there. Over the last few weeks I have had the great oppurtunity to meet a few of the people and artists that I have traded ideas and comments with over the last year. It is great when you can blog with someone across several states( or all over the world) and then have the pleasure of meeting a mutual friend, that individual, or that particular artist. Its a small , small, world. Six degrees of "Kevin Bacon" small. If you know the game. In the blogging world, or mixed media/ art world. It is very easy to play six degrees of "Tim Holtz". Or six degrees of "Carol Wingert". Or six degrees of "Traci Bautista". When you touch one person -it travels. With art and moments it really travels. It spreads- a good artist-or/and a good person can effect so many.

I turned thirty six last week. Life is good. I'm content for the moment. Do I want more of certain things? Yes. But in time.

Do I feel at peace with lots of things? Family, friends, obstacles. Yes. Things in the last ten years have been crazy. Its been like being a passenger on a fast moving train-not being able to stop, not being able to get out, not being able to see things for what they are. Everything out the window has been a blur- the speed blur.

We have moved, we have had divorces around us, fighting around us, people with major concerns and issues, fast paced jobs, tumors, health concerns, family issues, money problems. The usual.

But as of late- in the last two years- things have become clear. The train stopped. We have gotten off. We have been able to see everything around us with clear eyes and
good sense.

Is that called maturity? Becoming older? Living life? Or has deciding to be an artist full time- been the leap and jump that was needed. Is that also part of becoming more mature. Making critical choices to follow certain paths. I have done that before in my life- but it didn't feel so content. As things do now.

Talk soon. As you can tell I need to blog and journal. Be back tonight with luck...


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Sweet Sage said...

So true .. the ripple effect is truly vast. Many Thanks!

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Your blogging class was great! I've been very inspired ever since. I've been working on my homework. You'll be proud. See you soon.

CeCe said...

Thank you for being one of those artist that inspires the world to be small and joyous. I truly enjoyed reading this post!

Her Vintage Stage said...

I just love it. You inspire me.

JWood said...

thanks for sharing your heart, and your blog... my best to you...

Jan said...

I am so glad that things are good in your world. You are inspirational and the future is laid out before you. Take it with both hands and enjoy. I only wish that I was not across the other side of the water so that I could have the opportunity of joining you in one of your masterclasses. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Good luck !

Jack & Cat said...

You are all very kind. I'm lucky to know you all.

Sonya said...

If I am ever in Mesa I will be sure to stop in at Mystic Paper! I'm actually waiting for your video tutorial on how to create a beezwax collage!....or I'll have to drive from St. Paul to Mesa to take up one of your classes;)

Peace. Love and all the good stuff!

Ps. Thanks for adding me to your link list:)


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