Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mystic Paper Ghosts & More

So here we go... off and running again.
Background on the Mystic Paper hauntings. So over the last few years strange things have been reported occuring in the building that resides on 121 & 123 W. Main Street. Hot and cold spots, various apparitions,items moving on their own, items being moved over night, flying orbs. Young children often report seeing ghost children in the basement. The apparition of a man with a handlebar moustache has been seen several times. Some say he appears to be wearing civil war attire. The apparition of a young boy has been seen-it might be him that moves some of the childlike game pieces and toys around in the store at night. Also an apparition of a woman has been seen in victorian dress. Many of these ghosts or apparitions have been most often seen in the reflection of mirrors in both sides of the building.Many of the stores patrons often comment that they smell fresh bread cooking.It is said that this historic building was built in 1898. It was once a bakery, a butcher shop, general store, and a pool hall over the years. It was once a two story structure with a basement. During its early years the building caught fire and the upper story of the building was lost.
Family members of shop owners and employees were exposed to the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918. Many died from the illness. Some believe that these family members that became ill are the ones who haunt the building today. Some speculate that the old owner of the bakery (and pioneer builder of Mesa) John Vance continues to haunt the building. It is told that it was his office that burned during the fire.
Either way- whatever the story. The place is haunted.
What did we find?
The ghost hunters have not got back to us about what they found. Still going over the findings. What did I witness? I spent the first few hours sitting in the dark eating a pizza. Then I spent an hour listening to the ghost hunters wander different parts of the building speaking outloud asking for the spirits to prove themselves. Either by moving something, making a noise, or tapping something. I then followed one of the elder hunters with a dowsing rod in the basement for an hour. Every few minutes he would inform me that I had just missed a flying orb. I never saw an orb. It was about this time- that I started thinking it was time to go home. When one of the ghost hunters started using a "Frank's Ghost Box". Now,I have heard of a ghost box- but never really seen one. Or tried one for that matter.This was freaky and weird. It made the hairs on my neck stand up a few times.
Here is the definition of a ghost box:

Frank's Box aka Ghost Box is a device built by Frank Sumption which is used to receive live EVP transmissions. Frank's Box or the Ghost Box as it has come to be known is an electronic system, or method of sprit communication, also known as instrumental trans-communication, or ITC. ITC is the use of electronic equipment to communicate across dimensions with spirits of the deceased, and other entities including audio, video, and digital equipment. It seems just about anything of a technological nature has been used, such FAX machines, telephones, TV’s, radios, computers, and printers, along with analog and digital voice recorders...

Basically its a hand made radio that allows spirits to communicate with you.

Here is a snippet of further description taken from

The ghost box can be used for EVP, as it can be recorded, then analyzed for messages from spirits and ghosts. However, what makes the ghost box unique is that it can be heard audibly through either an external speaker or headset, where responses from the other side can be heard and responded to live – not unlike chatting with someone by walkie-talkie. It does require the user to train his or her ear to hear the messages that are brought forth, as the noise and audio bits can at times be somewhat distracting. But if one experiments long enough with a ghost box, it will become apparent that the audio sound bites and white noise will begin to be manipulated to form answers to questions, phrases and more. For this reason alone, we recommend recording all sessions and listening to them later. Upon playback, one might be amazed at what is captured in the audio.

The function of the ghost box and how it works seems to be affected by the strength of radio signals in an area. Poor signal quality reduces the ability for spirits and ghosts to make contact through the device. Perhaps there is not enough audio bits to be manipulated successfully for real-time communication. That would indicate that enhancing the antenna on these devices could improve results by the researcher, according to Bruce Halliday.

The biggest debate over the ghost box might be just who in the heck is coming through these devices? Are they spirits? Ghosts? Demons (the religious ask)? Aliens? Our own projected thoughts? The research continues in this area, but many believe both ghosts, spirits and beings from another realm are making contact through the ghost box.

Anywho- they started using the box- and it was freaky. I heard three main voices sharing various messages. A deep aggressive voice of a man- who didn't want to talk with us. A voice of a young boy (perhaps 6-8 years old) who warned us to leave-who warned us of the man. A voice of a young woman- soft like a whisper. She kept repeating that she wanted to talk with us- "but the others would not let her" she said. During the next hour we listened. Garbled messages awnsering our questions. Sometimes clear responses. Other times vague snippets of words. Then we started hearing small movements upstairs. We had been doing the vast amount of the ghost communicating in the basement. This was very unsettling to me. Occasionally a name of someone in the room would be heard from the voices coming from the ghost box.
My name. My hairs stood up.
Then the ghost hunters called it a night. They asked me to go upstairs and turn on the lights. They all stayed downstairs,collected equipment and packed. They had flashlights. Nobody would go upstairs with me to turn on the lights. I had no flash light. It was time to Man-Up! They asked me to go upstairs and turn on the lights again. I don't believe that I have ever moved so fast up a flight of stairs in my life. Got the lights on. Got the hunters packed and out. Went home and could not sleep for the last two weeks without thinking of the ghosts of Mystic Paper. Does being at Mystic Paper scare me? No. But I do find myself talking to ghosts- when something gets knocked off the shelves, or I'm downstairs in the basement alone. I also look twice in the mirror in the bathroom. I know one of these days I'll see somethin- but it will always be when you least expect it.
Talk soon everyone.


Paris Cowgirl said...

Love the history you are giving everyone! I know we have a picture of John Vance somewhere. It would be fun to have you make one of your art pieces with it and leave it in the store! I wonder what would happen? hehe

Jack & Cat said...

That would be cool.

Chia said...

Thanks for the story. It was worth the wait. :)

Jillian said...

Wow! Glad to catch up. I would've loved to tag along with the ghost hunters too---so cool! Will you get a look at the "official" report they turn in? Take care.


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