Friday, June 20, 2008

Surf , Lounge , and Shag Mix

So a few changes coming to the blog! I thought I'd throw in a new summer song mix for a few days. Its titled Surf, Lounge, and Shag. Enjoy all!


Her Vintage Stage said...

I'm missing you blogging. Great to see you back. I would like to get a three collumn going. Let me know when you have a free hour or two? Sandy

Jack & Cat said...

Thanks! It was great to run into you at Mystic Paper the other day. I'm loving your blog. I will let ya know the next time that I set up at Mystic P. and we will get your three columns up and going. Talk soon!

Jennifer and Kim said...

Can't wait for the Make-n-Take tomorrow. I'm sure there'll be a crowd. We appreciate you too Mike!


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