Friday, June 20, 2008

Thank You Everyone!

So I needed to say a few thanks. I have been damn busy. Never a good excuse for rudeness. But I have neglected to get back to a few people. Also the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of working, talking, inspiring, and sharing with some grand individuals.

So here we go-

(Valley Girl)Tanya- cookies extraordinaire! You are a pure delight! Thank You.

Ellen you are classy and sassy. Things will get better. I appreciate all your help at work. You have a beautiful and kind heart.

J. Wood
it was a treat hanging and chatting.

Vintage Sisters-
Your blog is up and going. I wish you all the best to the blogging world. Its been grand working with ya.

Char and Ted
- I will get those images to ya! I promise.

Jen B-A grand time as well. I believe that we have spent more time gabbing than we have working on your blog and goodies. You have a fantastic family. I think your amazing.

Ericka- my old teaching partner. Damn I miss you. The Teddy Bear rock out is still my favorite. I wish you all the best. I might be seeing you soon. Two months soon. But soon.

Jillian- thanks for your emails and your comments- you keep me on my toes. Seriously. Your email woke me up. Expect a big holiday trade. So get crafting.

Debra M- I didn't even recognize you in the store on your last visit. It shows how wrapped up in certain things I have become. Time to unplug on a few notes. I hope you haven't left town yet.

Melody- My thoughts are with ya. Plus Florida is humid and muggy!

Lisa E.-In Spain-you amaze me. I will be sending a detailed email to you soon. Your email made my day!

Marissa- Awesome exploring with technique. Thanx for sharing. I will talk with ya soon.

Jen and Kim- Thanx for your support on many fronts.

Chia Your comment at the make n take - reminded that I have a blog.

Also thanks to everyone who leaves a comment and reads. You keep me going. Also a special thanx to the Cat- of Jack & Cat Curio. My partner in crime, art, and life.


CeCe said...

Love reading you. I also very much like your thank you to your partner in crime. They always should be thanked every day. Partners in Crime are the most important people in one's life.

Her Vintage Stage said...

And I want to thank you for starting me on my journey through blog land. I met new friends, exchanged cards, got to know my niece better, learned lots of computer stuff, and had lots and lots of joy with it. You got the ball rolling for me and now I have one more way to keep in touch, a very important thing to me. Sandy

Jack & Cat said...

Two of my favorite bloggers. You two are a great example of a great class for me. Thanks for your comments. Its great to inspire and share.


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