Sunday, July 6, 2008

A "High Spirited Texan" and blogging connections!

So I need to start- where I left off. A week and a half ago. I was on my way out the door of Mystic Paper. When I got a call from Diva B.- Heart In My Hand. She called to tell me that a mutual blogger of ours was in town and was going to be stopping at Mystic Paper the next day. Now folks- this is what I love about blogging. Some months ago I started blogging, I also began exchanging emails and pics with people on Flickr. You begin to make great connections with people from all over. People in different states and different countries. Sometimes- you get to meet these people that you begin to trade ideas, pics, and comments with. The mixed media/ altered art world is good sized- but you can easily play "six degrees of Tim Holtz"- and run into someone you know. Anywho- so several months ago I began getting comments from a blogger named "Paper Mojo"- aka Tina W.. Tina is not able to use the name "Paper Mojo" anymore due to some complications. However you can reach her blog at
So- Tina was in town working on a mural project. So Becky and I met with Tina at Mystic Paper. She (like most Texans I have met) is spunky, confident, loud, and passionate. A wildfire one might say. Tina met with us and shared stories, ideas, and well over three hours of good spirited conversation. I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon- than gabbing with like minded artists. I just wanted to say it was an extreme pleasure to be able to meet ya Tina, and thanks for the heads up Becky. Here's a pic of the three of us:

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Tina said...

Hey..I'll just take all that as good :) It was great meeting you and putting a face/voice to those words I've been reading!!


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