Sunday, July 6, 2008

Paper & Metal Scrappers & Beeswax Collage

So how was the beeswax class in Payson?
Cool- very cool. I spent most of last Friday packing and prepping Paris Beeswax kits for the class. Then we drove up nice and early that night. I like Payson. I grew up in Donner Summit near Truckee, California in the Sierras. So I love going back to anything that has high elevation, trees, and cool weather.
The Cat and I arrived at the Paper & Metal Scrappers store- unloaded,checked out the classroom,and then checked into a hotel. Then we had an awesome dinner, a movie, and then back to the jacuzzi at the hotel. A perfect night.
Next morning I set up and taught a great class at Paper & Metal Scrappers. I love this store. I love the owners- Barbara & Brenda, I love the classroom, I love the students.

The store is tucked into the "Swiss shops" off the Beeline highway. Its cute. Inside its tight- no wasted space. A touch of everything for your altered/mixed media needs. The classroom is well set up and snug. Some fantastic demo's on display. Look for the "Paris Suitcase" on the high shelf above the main window. Knock your socks off! Barbara and Brenda are awesome! I met Brenda when she took a class of mine a few month's ago. No hassle, straight forward, dynamic personality. Barbara is much the same- but maybe with a touch of eighties punk. I could be wrong.
The students? These students are hardcore- they devoured the info- went straight to work- in about two hours they were ready for more advanced methods. Heavy altered crowd. Sassy and spunky.
I had a great time. Can't wait for my next Payson trip.
Here are some pics of the class. For those that took the class I will have a link to your beeswax notes soon. Thank you ladies and Paper & Metal Scrappers for a great time.

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Tina said...

Yummy works from your fans!!!


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