Sunday, July 6, 2008

Local hunting grounds for the Mix Media / Altered Artist

So here is a list of a few great places to look.
I will add a few more each week.

Mystic Paper
Besides having a great selection of paper,chipboard,
glue, paint, ink, and all those goodies. Every week you can count on finding something new and unusual in the glass case in the front. Most people forget to check the front counter. In the glass case you will find anything from mini license plates, glass tiles, Vargas pin up cards, ceiling tiles, monocles, wooden bingo pieces, skeleton keys, and specialized ball chain. Kim, one of the co-owners and her husband (aka- The Peddler, Chico, The Mayor of Mesa, Rick) is always on the prowl for new goodies. They once had a fire hydrant the size of a large child for sale in the back.

SAS Fabrics by the Pound
PHX- 9840 N. 19th Ave. (602) 943-7777
Tempe- 1700 E. Apache Blvd. (480) 966-7557
For any material this is the place.

Beads Galore
Tempe-3320 S Priest Dr, Suite # 3
Beads,plastic, wood, import, glass, wire, chord, clasps, charms, chain, etc.. etc..
Anything and everything for your jewelery making needs.
Just remember all those little items add up fast.

Apache Reclamation and Electronics
PHX- 313 W. Apache St. (602) 254-0613
This place is also harsh. Hard to find- tucked deep in the weird. Another place to go with a friend. This is the kind of place I would dream about when I was a kid. Wires, gears, fuses, street lights, fire sprinkler heads, screws, nails. Mini bottles, guitar cases, crayons, dollar store type goods, odd tape and number counters. The folks that work here have always been super friendly.

Goodwill Clearance Outlet
417 N 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006.
No phone.This place is located behind the goodwill on 16th street. Drive around back and you will see the high gates and parking. This is scary- bring gloves. Out of all the places that I will mention, this is the harshest. Bring gloves and dress ready to sift and dig- T-shirt and jeans. On a good day you can find amazing treasures here- best to come with a friend or two. This is the best place for your money- you could walk out of here with twenty game boards, two scrabble boxes, an old clock, a vintage photo album with pics of strangers dating back to 1920, three bags of unopened
batting, a vintage lamp, three pounds of material, and a vintage leather jacket, with a set of old skeleton keys all for ten bucks. Then again some days you come here and you leave hating humanity. Give it a try and you will know what I'm talking about. This place is for the brave and bold.
Not the faint of heart.


My Three Sons Designs said...

I'm so in for the Goodwill Clearance Outlet! Let me know when you go again and I'll drive. (big ol truck)

Jack & Cat said...

Totally sounds good! But be prepared. You see it all there!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Ha! Too funny...the mayor of Mesa. As soon as I read it to him he knew it was you.

kim hesson said...

wow i've been to the others, but not the goodwill clearance. been looking for it though! thanks for the heads up! can't wait to go!


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