Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spoils of the weekend! My treasures!

This was a good weekend for altered treasures. Damn good weekend! During my talks with Kim, Jennifer, Becky and Tina last week,we began talking about good places for altered treasures. Several of the old places came up- Beads Galore in Tempe, a few of the old fav-thrift stores, Goodwill clearance in downtown Phoenix,a few random salvage yards,but a few new ones came up as well. In the last few days I have gone and scavenged at all these good altered hunting grounds. I thought it would be good to throw the list out again- if anyone has another good one to share- send it my way for posting. I also know that to some, the sharing of altered hunting grounds is like selling an ATC. Forbidden. These secrets should not be shared. I don't agree. The real creativity is what you do with an item- how you incorporate it within your personal style- the story you tell with it. Same goes for technique- you learn a technique-or process- then you need to put your twist on it- your style with that process. I'm rambling. We all need personal style and artistic voice.
A good story is always the best.
Anywho- good hunting.
Here are a few pics of items I found this last week- the best was a bag of wooden balls that I covered with rub-ons and made into "Bingo" balls. Great legs for a shrine or topper for a box. Found a few rusted dragonfly napkin holders and pulled the rings off. I also traveled to Apache Reclamation and Electronics this weekend. Its a scary little place- but once inside- the things you might find (Thanks Kim and Jennifer for the tip). I grabbed a handful of dials, car fuses, small light bulbs, red button lights, several rusted screws, and a few mini gears. Almost adopted a kitten or two as well. Some number plates and electric fuses from the restore in Mesa. Some mini license plates and skeleton keys from Mystic Paper. Some old wooden boxes and a huge piece of plexi glass from a broken frame from the Goodwill clearance. Also some transparent white material from SAS. All for about thirty bucks plus that includes my gas. That's what eats my budget now.
Maybe we should pull together in an altered treasure carpool every weekend. I will post the list of good hunting places in a seperate post.


Tina said...

AND going in the mail tomorrow...alittle over 2 doz. brass oilfield tags for you to alter to your heart's content!!!

Jack & Cat said...

You are the best! I can't wait!

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Those bingo balls are way too cool. If you organize a car pool trip to hunt for junk, count me in. That's a great idea. Let's do it.

JWood said...

you haven't blogged for a while, then BAM! You've added tons to blogs to your page! YEAH! nice work, some fun things, sounds like you had a terrific weekend!

i've done TONS of things with dragonflies, from small greeting cards to ATC's, to small multi canvas paintings to LARGE paintings. i'm anxious to see what you do with your dragonflies! A waxed creation perhaps...

Jack & Cat said...

I know- I'm like the "Emeril" of blogging. Bam!


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