Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Three Sons Designs

I love cool people. In my artistic travels I get to meet cool people. I also meet unfriendly, ego filled, not cool people. But usually I run across some very cool individuals. People that inspire, people who care, people that step up to the plate and take big swings. I like that. I don't mesh with people that play it safe on the sidelines waiting to be picked. I like people that create. It doesn't matter what they create. A story, family, a new way, food, art, friends. Personal style. The best is the young kid who wants to wear cowboy boots, a yellow rain hat, and that piece of an old Halloween costume as he travels with mom on errands. Lately I run across a lot of people who let the world define who they are. One of the things about moving an excessive amount as a kid is that you begin to figure this out. Every move is a chance to start again. To redefine who, and what you want to be. Once you learn that you don't need to move in order to do this- life can be grand. You define your place in the world.

I'm rambling again. Soapbox jump.
Cool people.I met another one- Jen Byard. Met her a few weeks ago. Been working on her blog. I believe we laughed more than we worked. She is also from the land of rain. The great wetland of "Seattle", Wa. We had a lot to share. Jen is one of those cool people I mentioned. Just wanted to say thanks Jen. For having a kind heart, inspiring way, and loving life attitude. It was great working with you.
Congratulations on your new blog and (new look) website.

So for you Jen -I give you my favorite TV show of the seventies. You might need to pause the music player up top.

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My Three Sons Designs said...

We do have too much in common...I LOVE that show!
I got goosebumps when bigfoot jumps and they play that awesome retro soundtrack. So cool...
Thanks for the nice compliment and again for all your help with my business! I've been selling your services with everyone I know, so hopefully you'll have a big blog class and Lezley should stop by for a glass of cabernet on the "north" side of Robson...


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