Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ghost Report at Mystic Paper- The Findings!

Ok folks-here we go. These are the findings of the ghost hunters and their investigation at Mystic Paper. What are the findings of the investigation?
Paranormal activity present at Mystic Paper.
The medium felt that he sensed a spirit of a boy named Kenneth trapped in the basement.In one of the pictures down below- there is a picture of the medium talking with what he felt was the young boy. Across from his feet in the picture is an orb close to the floor. Could this be the boy?
Also in the building he felt the presence of a woman. Some of the images that came to him of the woman-also had to do with the words "Fireman", "Fire", and "China man" The name "Lu" came to him as well. As was discussed in a previous post- the second floor of the building burned down some time ago. Could she have perished in the fire? Was her last thought of a fireman, or help from someone that might have been Chinese? Perhaps a man named "Lu"?
In the basement he also sensed "bloodshed". But then the building was at one time
a slaughterhouse. So that would also make sense.
All of the ghost hunting team seemed to also sense and hear a spirit of a man on the Frank's ghost box (white noise box). We assumed this man to be the old owner of the building "John Vance". when asked by one of the ghost hunters if John Vance was here with us, the response from a male voice on the ghost box was "Is he here". This personally made the hairs on my neck rise. Attached are a few pictures of orbs. Orbs have not been proven to be supernatural. Some believe the orbs to be reflections of dust. Also they got something weird that nobody can seem to figure. It was at the end of the stairs in the basement. But take a look at the pics below. Attached are some of the recordings that got caught during the night. These have not been altered. Many of the sounds got recorded when nobody was present in the basement. Growls of some sort got recorded. The name "John" got caught once or twice. Someone saying "help". Also someone saying what we believe is "get out".
Take a listen, take a look, let me know...You might need to pause the music player up on the top. Also once you push play -it will cycle thru all the recordings. Give it time- it starts kind of slow.


Tina said...

very strange Dr Jack..we forgot to discuss this while I was there!!!

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Okay, so now I'm totally freaked out and it's daylight even! Not quite sure if I'm going downstairs ever again.

Erika Ashley said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog.

JWood said...

I just LOVE Mystic Paper, and enjoyed visiting the antique store, found lots of cool things there... But I was always a bit creeped out by the downstairs portion, for a long time I wouldn't go down there, finally I did, it wasn't quite as creepy as I thought it would be, but it did have a weird vibe downstairs... Glad to know that maybe I wasn't just imagining things...


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