Friday, August 15, 2008

A big thanks to all!

So the web page is almost done. The links on the blog and site are almost done.Things are working. New portfolio page and more. I'm feeling good.
I still need to send beeswax notes out to some very patient and wonderful students from last week. They will be going out today! A few new blogging posts and pics will go up this afternoon. I have a very long "Thank You" list to post. I apologize for neglecting the blog and emails from friends. These last two weeks have been packed. Filled with great stuff- good friends, great classes, lots of goodies. Also registering for classes, making web sites, making art banners, and special projects( more on that coming soon). The studio is a huge mess. Today is clean and prep day. I have a big class day coming up tomorrow at Mystic Paper.
If you happen to be in the neighborhood drop in and visit!
"Metal Tape and Sculpey" and "Grunge Visions"- beeswax & plexiglass.

Art Unraveled was a blast last week. The vendor show-what treasures! the Cat and I had trouble with self control. Wanted everything.It was also great to see so many faces- Heather, Julie, Debra, Tricia, Artsy Fartsy Fairy, Australian Sue(I saw You),Patricia, Kim, Cindy, Christy(I saw you as well), Becky(it was really good talking) and more. Every time I turned around I saw another head from across the way. Josie C, the Peddler(aka Rick), my grand Diva Judy B with her bag of goodies. Everyone had these bags- bags of secret goodies. You all had purses(or my man bag) but then everyone had these other bags
filled with secret finds. That was the best.
Need to go! I know the post is frantic and crazed. Things will calm later. I need to go get a few supplies for tomorrow-then come home- make a few kits- then blog and post some more-then work on a few web pages- then off to the movies.

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