Friday, August 8, 2008

Have you seen me lately? Going insane?

Perhaps.... can you be in your studio toooooooooooooo long? Sometimes you can over work things to death. My blog would be one of these things. People. Folks. You have been patient. Do I have any readers still out there? I hope so. Been planning and prepping for the fall. But at last I can come up for air. Air and a good eighties mix. I'm a pure child of the eighties. (No doubt about it) Born in the seventies- raised in the eighties! When I need a good break- a box of wine and a good eighties mix! So almost caught up on things. I will be back on today to talk and share. Just thought that I would leave a quick post.
The blog.Its done. No more changes for a good while. I over worked it. Clean and simple for a bit. Thats what I needed. Can't you tell from my morning pics? Lots happening this weekend -and in the next few months- no excuses for lingering in your houses and watching crap TV. Folks- fall is coming.
This fall will be insane.


Jennifer and Kim said...

Nice photos Dr. Frankenstein!!

Anonymous said...

Mike! You are killing me with these playlist mixes!! This 80s one is too much--may even produce some sort of regressive alter-ego from my past, cerca summer 1986 (which would be Simple Minds, "Someone, Somewhere in Summertime..." ahhhh, it's so bittersweet.
Thanks for the flashback.
(When I heard Howard Jones, omg, it's been eons...I literally even had a flash of what my favourite clothes were! Molly Ringwald to the max.)
Cheers--the facelift is looking great.
oh, yah, it's lisa in spain, btw.

Anonymous said...

pss. thanks for including "What I Like About You". I was able to do the song-appropriate dance (you know the one, where you sort of jump up at an angle and shake your head back and forth as you go) three and a half year old just stared at me, having my little moment, and declare, "Mom, you are WEE-ORD(weird)."
To which I always reply, "And that's the best thing to be, my love!"
lisa in spain

Lindsey Michaelree said...

You crack me up! Love the new blog, it looks awesome!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

You made my morning!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Lindsey- What are you doing reading blogs this morning? You should be prepping for Art Unraveled!I'll be drifting over to your blog soon this morning.

Tina said...

Gads Agnes..what's next? Silver Spray paint?

Tricia Samsal said...

You crack me up with those pics!
Great seeing you guys today at AU!
Hope you had a good time.
Tricia S.
Vintage Bliss

M said...

I missed you at the vendor fair but I have a beautiful piece I was working on in class today. It was great to see you and Cat at MP last night. Good job on the blog! let me know which class is testosterone night, LOL!

CeCe said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, You are back.
Yes, Yes, Yes, Love the new look.
Yes, Yes, Yes, was so nice to meet the cat last night.

Sweet Sage said...

NICE! Love the tunes, too!

My Three Sons Designs said...

Wow, you're back. Welcome back to blogland.
Are you available for a little bit of "button" work? I'm thinking about some high dollar advertising on a major blog, but it will need a button that will make people buy my stuff :)


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