Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Big Thanks!

Hello everyone! Wanted to say a big thanks to all who attended my classes in the last few weeks. Both beeswax classes and the metal tape. It has been a fantastic couple of weeks. Students have been great. I have received kind gifts from many people and strong inspiration. Judy Bidwell thank you so much for your assistance a few weeks ago. You are a grand inspiration to me. I have been so busy trying to prep things for the upcoming season. I feel that I never had a chance to say it. In the last month I have been crazed. Trying to get things done and ready. During that time I have been a bad , bad, blogger. So here is a shout out to a few people: K & J thanx for all that you do for me. Yasu thanks for your kind words and your much appreciated coins. Lisa thanks for your photos, your high energy, and your gifts. Texas Tina thanks for your tags and emails. Bonnie thanks for your kind words of inspiration. CeCe you might not know it- but you are also a huge inspiration for me- you set a strong example of how people should live- you remind me that people need high spirit. Sandy- your blog makes me happy.RTWR- you have been so kind and have shared so much. Debra M it has been a grand pleasure getting to know ya. Marissa V. talking and sharing with you is an artistic treat. Lisa from Spain... you keep my blogging alive- not to mention my musical playlist ideas forthcoming.The list could go on... it what happens when you don't blog enough, call, or take time to express yourself over a period of time. A sincere big thanks to everyone for the last four weeks.
Also and always a big thanks to my love the Cat.

Grungey Visions on Saturday- An extreme pleasure- a great and patient group! Penny it was great having you in class all day!
I hope that you enjoyed the day!

Saturday's Metal Tape Class

Another pic from class

These are the best! Thanks so much Lisa- expect a shadow box
of some sort in your future.

Tina these are also way cool. Perfect! I'm using these on everything.
Thank You! Thank You!
Your package will be coming soon in the next month or two.


M said...

Hey Mr.Jack,

The pleasure is all mine. Seeing Ms. Cat was an extra treat!


Tina said...

What a fun looking group you have there! Wish I was closer~ Glad you have something awesome to do with those brass tags..I have a freaking ton of them still..lol..Can't wait to see what you come up with!

CeCe said...

Thank you. Your message concerning me is one of the nicest things ever written about me. Maybe should put it another way, since I am not really sure anything else has ever been written about me! Smile. From my spirit, I sincerely thank you, for being a part of all of our Mystic Paper lives and our universe in general. CeCe


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