Friday, August 15, 2008

Metal Tape & Plexiglass w/Beeswax

Examples for this Saturday's classes. Hope to see ya.

Here is a twist on the method we are going over tomorrow. Sadly we will not have the wings in class. But not to worry we will have other goodies to choose from. Gotta love these "Melissa Fances" pieces.


Anonymous said...

these projects just rock. I wish you and your studends a wonderful day tomorrow. Wish I could "beam myself over there" and participate in the class! Sigh, maybe someday :)
Cheers and happy trails!
lisa in spain

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Saw your samples at the store tonight, they are WAY cool in person, my personal fav is the girl behind the skelaton. Can't make it tomorrow, I am shooting for Thursday!!!!

M said...

Jaw dropping gorgeous as usual and I'm looking at them on the blog! Can't make it tomorrow-already triple booked. Why is it that all the good stuff happens on the same day?
Dare I try for Thursday? Hmmmmmm....


Jennifer and Kim said...

Ladies, Mike's Thursday class is definitely worth shooting for. There will be a "surprise" student in that class. And, HE is of the French persuasion. Ooh La La! I guarantee that class will be the best ever!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks All! Lisa you wait-I'm gonna send you a nice filled curriculum and supply bag one of these months. Perhaps in Nov or December- it will come when you least expect it. We will email later. Lindsey I saw your Design pieces at Mystic- awesome!
M.- How goes school? Was this the first week back? I will be blog jumping later tonight. I need to get caught up with some folks.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, Mike!
what?...What?...WHAT?!??! you wanna send me treats!!!? whooohoooo!!! that would just be too fantastic!! eeeee!...Email anytime! ps. I'm working on a blog so when comes the time, I'll be sure to pass on my link. PSS. really enjoying this updated playlist, btw --we (my 3 year old, who is busy painting) are listening to it right now, in fact, as I type this :)=
She keeps asking me "MOm, what are they SAYING?!" with all the French songs ;) Great stuff!
Padam, padam et à bientôt!!
lisa in spain

Jennifer and Kim said...

Mike, yesterdays classes were amazing. The praise you got from all of the women was the best ever! By far the most favorite classes of all that they have taken. That includes art unraveled classes! You better gear up for an amazing journey. Your art is going to take on one I am sure!


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