Monday, September 22, 2008

Collage Sheets Monday for 9/22/08

So here are some collage sheets for this week! Enjoy. Still playing with a Halloween theme. That will end here in another week or so. Until then..


Halloween Bats & More Collage Sheet

Hearts & Insects



Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Fantastic collage sheets! Thank you!!

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Hey there, these are creepily very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Her Vintage Stage said...

I love the bats! My dog has a bat head so I am partial.

Jack and Cat Curio said...

You are all totally welcome!

inge bekaert said...

hello jack and cat,

thanks a lot for sharing this very nice collagesheets ! I'm going to use them in digital art, but I think I make some in stamps too so I can use them over and over again !

I will also come back to take a better look at your website, cause your intro tickles me...

Inge from Belgium

Altered Route said...

These are awesome collage sheets...thanks so much for sharing!!

Unabashed Repetition said...

I found your site while "flickring!" These are wonderful and thank you so much for sharing them!!

Shelly Hickox said...

Love you site, love your art, love it all! Thanks so much for the freebies!


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