Friday, September 5, 2008

First Friday/ Blogging/ Skeleton Giveaway!

Shadowbox-Titled: "Bad Numbers"

Did my title of this post get your attention? Hmmm... I hope so.
What a week. Lots to do- non stop.I will get some sleep one of these days.
I got one of those coughs from having the cold AC on you all night. Right in your chest. You wake up with a cat in your throat. You know.... Anyway- not feeling my best. I need an energy booster. My immune system is crumbling this week- bad food, stress, and not enough sleep. But what is keeping me going is good classes, art events, and good friends.
So here is the look at the studio this morning. A huge tornado hit!

The "Jack and Cat Curio" will become a roadshow tonight. We will have an art booth at First Friday tonight in Downtown Phoenix. We will be in the courtyard of the Red Dog Art Gallery! If you have never been to the First Friday event- I highly encourage you to check it out. You will be floored and amazed. One of the biggest art gatherings in the nation. But then Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the nation. I expect no less.
"The event kicks off around 6:00pm and continues until around 11:00pm. Lots of street parking. Or if you go to Burton Barr Library- you can take the shuttle to all the events and galleries! Hope to see all those that can make it!
Here is a pic of a few of the goodies we will be selling at the booth- Beeswax Collage, mini Shadow boxes, jewelery, and more.

Then tomorrow afternoon at 3:00pm at Mystic Paper- I will be teaching the "Intro to Blogging". If you have ever wanted to start your own blog or want to enhance your current blog this will be the perfect class for you. Artistic voice, blogging styles, narrative, blogging etiquette, and safety. Yes folks- I said safety! All will be covered. I will send you home with some homework. Then we will set another time to meet for a one on one session to build your blog in your style. This is a fun class. Blogging is taking over folks.

Then on Sunday I have another class at Mystic Paper! I will be teaching another Beeswax technique class. This class we will explore fabrics and beeswax. We will use assorted images and paper, fabric, and stencils to tell a visual story. All supplies will be provided. Everyone will leave with a personal 10 X 10 canvas covered beeswax masterpiece ready to hang!

So now the last part. The "Skeleton" giveaway. So I have decided to attempt to do a give away every week. This will be the first!
Since Halloween is around the corner-
I decided to put together a skeleton pack!

This pack includes:
Two skeletons
Two plastic skulls
1 pair of skeleton hands
3 Collage sheets
3 large adhesive transparency with skulls
Several skull beads- plastic and bone.

All you need to do is leave a comment. Any kind of comment! Then I will put all your names in a hat and I will have the "Cat" pull a name out. If it is your name- then you win the pack. If you happen to win- I will mail the package to you/ or drop it off at my favorite store "Mystic Paper". (For those that live out of country- like "Lisa in Spain"-I will gladly mail it to you as well!) Just post a comment here on this post - comments close at 12:00 midnight on Sunday PST and the winner will be posted on Monday morning! Happy Friday All! Talk soon!


Lindsey Michaelree said...

I think this is the coolest give away I have ever seen! All you art work for sale looks delightful, I know what you mean about a tornado coming through the studio. (my studio is the dining room table), hope you feel better- Talk soon, Lindsey
P.S. You get to meet my mom tomorrow!!!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Hey Lindsey- shoot me an email - we need to talk! Can't wait to meet your mom! Gonna be a good class!

Laurel said...

Ooooh, skeletons! I've been reading your blog for about a week now, and this gives me the perfect opportunity to thank you for the collage sheets you previously offered! I'll be sure to send you a link when I use some of your images in one of my collages! Thanks so much for entering me in your giveaway!

quitecontrary1977 said...

please enter me. i could do something wicked cool with this!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

subscriber to your blog via reader-don't want to miss a thing. Wonderful art and inspiration!
chris p

Char said...

No catching colds in the summer. Hard to shake. Since I love skeletons I am adding my comment here. Halloween is just too much fun. And Dia De Los Muertos is even more fun stuff. Take care.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

What a wonderful Skeleton give away!! Thanks for entering me into the drawing! Absolutely love all the mini shadow boxes and the beeswax pieces. I wish I was in the class on Sunday! I think you've got me hooked on the beeswax now. Maybe we will have to add another room for the really messy projects......AFTER we finish the bathrooms, of course!! Hope you feel better and have a great time tonight!

Debbie Bick said...

dang you,,,
where do you find the time...i love the work space shot.looks just like mine..
...having fun is good ...sorry about you cough get better....
skulls now your talking baby...
have fun teaching..see you

Jan Ely said...

Me-owwww! Please count me in! I have loved visiting your blog in the last year. I just wish I could visit Mystic Paper, but alas, I am in California!

Hope you feel better soon!

Tina said...

Oh yea Baby! A give away!!! Good luck at the Downtown show, hope ya'll do good!!

teri c said...

Love, love, love the mini shadow boxes! Your art ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway! Love this images so much--thank you for sharing them with us, Mike!
lisa in spain

Anonymous said...

opps--I didn't read the rest of the post before commenting: your Road Show items look AMAZING!! they will sell like hotcakes, I have no doubt. And what great promotion!! ROCK ON, you two!! %)
The classes this weekend: I hope you all have a blast. Again, I wish I could "teleport" myself over to play and create. Leaves my mouth watering! :)
And once again, Bravo for the playlist update: Totemo sugoi desu ne!!Ichiban!!

JWood said...

nice work!

Joan Ellis said...

Always a treat to visit your blog! Many thanks for all the downloads! Now I wish I still lived in Scottsdale...

sherry said...

Mike, Your studio looks exactly like mine right now. I think that means we are being very creative ha ha
I am so enjoying your downloads and thank you for that

MagiCatGlass=^..^= said...

I just added you as a contact on Flickr. Nice blog too :-)

Heartinmyhand said...

Oh yeah, enter me in the give away

Jenna K. said...

Oh, I HAVE to get over to Mystic paper and take one of your classes soon...It all looks so fun, I have to try!

Debra McWm said...

I just love the new look of your blog.
How was First Friday?

Adrienne's Art said...

I love reading your blog and I love the style of your artwork! Those skeleton collage sheets are wonderful ... thanks for offering this giveaway!

M said...

I forgot all about 1st Friday. Again!

My Three Sons Designs said...

pick me Mike! I need some skeletons in my new house in san diego :)


First I am not leaving a comment just for the give away, although Lindsey would love it. ( I see she already left a comment , oh well. } But to let you know, I enjoyed the class, and have ideas running through my mind like crazy,Can't wait till the next meeting. Thanks said...

Very inspiring, it is always exiting to rub shoulders with other creative souls
Sign me up for the give away. I visited your blog and enjoyed your website. Just finished your class on blogging and looking forward to setting up mine.
Cassy Bella Casa Faux

bella casa faux said...

I just finished your intro class to blogging. I enjoyed your blog site. It is very inspirational to know other creative souls. Enter me in your give away. I am excited to learn more on beeswax techniques, and setting up my blog.
bella casa faux

Peggy Houston, TX said...

We LURVED the class on Wednesday, Mike. My collage made it home to Texas safe and in tact. We'll be watching you! Thanks again for a great afternoon.


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