Thursday, September 4, 2008

Great Classes! A Rewarding Day!

So Bloggers-when last we spoke.
I was prepping for a big day of classes- or a long week of classes.
Taught two incredible classes yesterday at Mystic Paper!The first class of the day was my "Old World Journey" beeswax collage class. This group was sassy, quick minded, and full of artistic talent.
Ladies it was a pure pleasure to meet you all.
I'm glad that you gave me such a fun filled morning. In the morning class I was able have my good friend and talented artist Judy Bidwell come and assist and create with us.
Judy it was an exceptional treat!
Thanks so much!
After class- I was able to grab a quick bite with Judy and talk with a few good friends. Mystic Paper was a buzz yesterday with many familiar faces.
Quite the artistic hub!
The second class was my "28 Crowns" class a mixture of sculpey technique and metal tape collage. It had a few familiar faces and a few new ones.
Diva Becky -AKA Heart In My Hand-(the next Beeswax Queen) joined us in the afternoon. It was great to have you in class Becky! Nancy it was also a pleasure to see you again. Dale and CeCe great to make and create with ya! I have yet to meet a CeCe that didn't have sassy spunk! I'm big on names!Names and psychology!
Perhaps I will do a big post on that topic later- names and personality.
Also Miss Cassy you make me laugh! Huge pleasure getting to meet you.
Can't wait to see you and Dale in the "Blogging Class" on Saturday!
So here are a few pics from the first class. The second class I was unable to reach my camera. Perhaps people will send me a few pics...
Thanks everyone for a great day!
My creation

My creation


Heartinmyhand said...

Thanks Mike for the the fun metal tape class. You once again did an awesome job. I have posted my board.

Shirley Smith said...

Looks like fun my daughter is having . Shirley from Nova Scotia


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