Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not enough hours in the day....

Not enough hours in the day....
Been trying to get many a task done and closed. Prepping for vendor shows, studio time, photo time, blogging time, web page design, prep for Ranger U, plan out Halloween events, not to mention the Cat's B-day!
This fall is not going to be slow and boring!
So far things are moving at an extremely fast speed. The last week got away from me. Maybe you noticed. How does everyone else feel? Next month is going to be grand. So in the last few days I have also had the best time sitting down with a few blogging students. Cassy, Patty, Dayl, you are all the best. Patty is up and running with a new blog "Eclectic Archivist".


If you don't know Patty you should stop and say "hello". She is part of the Mystic Paper design team. Also a very talented florist and artist. Cassy and Dayl will be up and running full speed soon. Also another certain student will be up and blogging soon. I will meet with her this morning.The other day I met with Cassy from "Bella Casa Faux". We had met to discuss and plan her blog out. Instead we sat at Mystic Paper for over four hours talking about different art techniques, experiences, and sharing art secrets. Yes- I said "art secrets". Her work is incredible. Had a great time Cassy!


So I'm to go meet with a student, two clients, organize and run some errands.
Then I get studio time. I'm working on my "Autumn Passions" beeswax for a class next week at Mystic Paper.
Then once done I can start planning the "Mystic Paper Junk Tour!"
Been planning and prepping!


Lindsey Michaelree said...

Mystic Paper Junk Tour.....hmmm what is this?????

Is the Autumn Passions class sold out because it is not on MP's website?

Love love love Patty's blog!!!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Boo hoo! You are busy! I tried to contact you via your contact and website link, but it was not connected.
I have one area that I have added to my left side column on my blog called greatest hits. It needs the Michael touch. Perhaps a frame around the picture of me and then matching script on the greatest hits????
Please, pretty please add this to your to do list. Please?

JWood said...

first, YES, time gets away from us sometimes... i DO understand!

second, happy HAPPY birthday cat!


Tina said...

Boy you have been busy!! It's that way here too it seems..why does time fly when you have soo much to finish up???

Paris Cowgirl said...

Happy B-Day Cat! I hope Mike isn't too busy for a little celebration!


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