Monday, March 30, 2009

Beeswax Collage Class in Payson

This upcoming weekend I will be at "Paper & Metal Scrappers" in Payson.
I will be teaching several classes.
These will be my first classes offered on my spring calendar.
Can't wait.
I love this store. Barbara and Brenda are fantastic. Plus I love Payson.
I grew up as a kid in Truckee, Ca. in the Sierra Nevada.
Payson reminds me of being a cabin kid. Cabin life is a lot like island life.
Anyone know what I'm talkin about?
Anywho- classes this weekend.
Hinged Curio Beeswax Collage and Shabby Silhouettes.
In both we will be exploring and creating with beeswax.
In all of its melt able and spreadable goodness.
Sounds like peanut butter-huh. Getting hungry.
I have been prepping kits all weekend. Still need to go get a few more items. Got all my melters in the mail the other day- changing the format of how I teach the encaustic and beeswax classes.
In this weekend's class all will use a personal iron.
Allowing a little more personal expression and wax exploration time.
We added two more classes to the schedule for this weekend.
Because the first two filled fast.
If you would like to attend you can give them a call.
Here are a few pics of this weekend's classes.
Also the pics in the previous post are for these classes also.
This spring I have also decided to travel with my trunks of imagery and ephemera. Been pulling all my extra photos and imagery from the studio.
Spring cleaning.
I will be bringing these with me to all my classes for Imagery swap and take.
Talk soon all.


CeCe said...

Now this is what we want-- a little of your bees-ness every day!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

You got it CeCe- can't wait to see ya again!

JWood said...

oh i SO need a road trip to payson, but i'm guessing the classes are on saturday, i TEACH on saturday... hmmm... any OTHER classes on the horizon? *smile*


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