Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Look, New Changes, New Classes,

Hey all! I know its been awhile. I believe I'm finally caught up with everything. What a winter! About a month ago- I got completely swamped- then buried.
Tons o projects. Deadlines, finances, politics, no sleep, long nights, work and project overload. I'm glad to be busy.
But you can reach those moments when your life is out of balance.
Too much of one area- not enough of another.
I'm trying to gain balance on all things. That's how I like it.
Equal amounts of art, work, love and life.
So I now have balance again. I do believe.
If you know me -or If you have ever taken a class from me.You will know that I strongly believe in journaling. Its the way to breathe, collect and organize your thoughts. Its process time. Or freedom time. Its your time.
Its your moment to forget. To reflect. Take stock. Most of us get so wrapped in the everyday- that we don't take a moment.
WE all need to take a moment.
Your personal, selfish, delightful moment.
Nothing better.
Shut everything else off.
For me blogging is one of my ways to journal.
In the last month I have not allowed myself enough
personal journaling and blogging time.
Does it hurt me as an artist? I believe so. It puts me out of whack.
So I put things in order. Its what one does when life gets crazy.
You take stock. You make the necessary changes needed to gain balance.
So expect new changes, new look, and new classes.
Here is a peek at a few pieces for upcoming classes. Take care all.
Talk soon!


Jen Crossley said...

WOW your sneek peek at your new look ,new classes look awesome

JWood said...

welcome back, we DO miss you when you don't blog... nice work mike! and WHERE will you be teaching your classes?!? hint hint...

lifeheARTist said...

Lovin' the sneek peek! The papers & elements are wicked cool! Glad to hear that you're back in the saddle and look forward to seeing more of your amazing work! Take care of you and journal, journal, journal! : )

CeCe said...

Being one of your many fans, thank you for helping balance our lives with added pleasure, by balancing your life with your blogging and the upcoming fab classes!!!

Robin said...

Love your work and your blog! Can't wait to see more of you!!

Take Care - Robin

Tina said...

I wish I could fly in and take a class..what awesome things you tease us with :)

Wendy said...

I too wish I could fly in for clases... my sister is a Mystic gal, and I am so jealous. Here's an idea -- ( as if you don't already have enough going on) video stream your classes for those of us in the artistic wastelands.


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