Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amate Studios- Design Team

Ok kids- are ya ready for some good news! Just got word.
Remember a few weeks ago-I had a post about a design team submission?
Word came back.
I'm in- I got my golden ticket!
Willy Wonka all that!
Who is it with?
Someone who I have been been eyeing for awhile.
Cool product. Awesome product. Up my alley product.
Anyone know Amate Studios?

I hope that you do.
If not- you soon will.
My mind is filled with charms.
Purple horseshoes, green clovers, orange moons- wait..
...wrong kind of charms.
That's my morning cereal.

Amate Studios-
pendant trays, rings, ovals, hearts, circles, copper, silver, brass, pewter.
That's what I'm talking!
Jewelry and the like!
The power to make and alter your own jewelry pieces.

I know- most know me for my encaustic/ beeswax ways.
However if you have been keeping tabs with me for awhile.
You will know that my first crafting love was with jewelry.
It started in High School- hippie necklaces in Idaho.
Learning how to make my own Fimo beads and more.
Then wrapping stones and rock polishing.
Leather work- warping and wetting leather.
Then started soldering and fusing.
Then glass beads and more.
I do believe...the habit was - that every holiday since the late eighties,
Most people that knew me
received a piece of jewelry and a mixed tape every year.
It was like clock work.
In the last few years in our studio we have neglected that side of the studio.
The seven or more drawers of wire tools,
glass beads, punches, two part resin, the list goes on.
So the other day we cleaned and moved the studio again.
I decided to prep the jewelery section.
I believe I cleaned out two pounds of plastic, fimo,
alphabet beads, leather,etc...
I'm going to make a certain summer camp very happy.

I wanted to share the news.
Here is the pic once again of one of my submission pieces.
Can't wait to start making and creating more pieces.
I look forward to this relationship with Amate Studios.
Can't wait to find out more about the rest of the team.
Post more when I know more.
Until then.
Talk soon.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Wow! Congrats, Mike!! A whole new journey begins! Can't see what you do with it all!

Flippinpest said...

I have just visited the site. The stuff looks amazing! Cant wait to see what you produce. Waiting in anticipation for your next blog post!

Born in the year of the Dog said...

Oh my goodness, I know that jewelry and bottles will go well together. Congrats!!!! Can't wait to hear more.

tanya watts said...

big big congrats to you my friend! great news, new journey, superb!

now you go over to my blog sweetie and sign in as a follower hihi! about time it is! lol

i'm totally with you on the jewellery, i love your pieces!
can't wait to see you come up with siome steampunk items ;-)

okay! so now go sign up as a follower of tanya!!!! :-)

Tina said...

Congrats!! I've almost burned my cornbread lookiing at all those goodies!! Thanks for leading me down another

lifeheARTist said...

YAY! Congrats Mike! That is awesome news! Can't wait to see your creative contributions to your new design team!

JWood said...

how exciting! let's celebrate! maybe go roller skating... lol...

Robin said...

Congrats on the new creative adventure! Love the piece you submitted and look forward to seeing more fantastic work!!

Judy said...

Congrats, Mike! I hope it lives up to your expectations. Love your submission piece.

Judy said...

Tapes?? Who has any of those left? Who can play them anymore?? The only place I could possibly play one is in my car! And the dust collected inside the slot would probably prevent its playing! LOL!!! My grandkids don't know what a tape is! I feel older today!

Tricia Samsal said...

Lucky dog! or cat? I love their whole line of jewelry pieces! I'v been wanting to place an order for so long. Your work is so cool. can't wait to see what you make and drool over. :)

Wendy said...

Congrats! And no wonder,your submission piece marries your eclectic art side and your jewelry side with such beauty.

LACY said...

Congratulations! I love your blog! You create amazing art! I am honored to be on the same team as you!

Anonymous said...

helluuuu and congratulations! (I'm just getting caught up here after a few blogless days.)
This is great news! Exciting for you--I wonder what sort of amazingness you are going to whip up with their product...I'll be sure to stay tuned. :?


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