Monday, May 4, 2009

New Website, Amate Studios, Junk Tour, and something called "LAAASING"!.

Here is a full post of goodies.

So I have made a few changes.
A new website For Jack & Cat Curio has been posted.
Let me know your thoughts. If you know me... you will know
that I'm always on the tech lookout for easy friendly tech programs
for my students, friends , and family.
Not everyone likes to sit and code their own sites or widgets.
I stumbled across this flash program for websites.
Flash= animation or movement goodies.
So far I like the site. No hassle.
Its free. With pay upgrades. So check it out.
Especially if your looking for a quick cost effective way to promote and share.

Our new website:

Also the flash website mentioned is:

Also I have added a links beeswax section
for my fellow beeswax students and friends.
Linked are a few sites that I have made reference about in classes.
I was able to dedicate some time to the blog this weekend.
Also posted updates for class listings.
More will be forthcoming.
Especially in the month of August.
This August will be a crazy month here in Arizona.
Art Unraveled will be from August 4-11th.
Then Creative Escape
will be held from August 27-29th.
This town will be filled with fantastic classes and workshops.

Arizona is already a hotbed for altered art/ mixed media/ scrapbooking talent.

Why... it was just the other day.
I was called over to Mystic Paper to meet two
local charming artistic personalities.
One of these ladies I had the pleasure of already knowing.
The other I had heard about-but never met.
Both can be found in this month's Somerset Studio.
Who did I meet?
Carlene Federer and Becky Bunn.

Both are very inspiring and sassy as hell.
Qualities Lesley and I admire greatly!
Thanks for the shop talk and good convo ladies!

Carlene, myself (aka Ranger Mike), Becky

Speaking of talent.
I found out more about the Amate Studio Design Team.
A great collection of talented artists.
I'm glad to be part of such an inspirational group.
Below is a list of the chosen team members.
Congratulations all!
You can find bios and more at Amate Studios.

Susan Johnson
Terry Ricioli
Sam Katz
Michal Rainsbarger
Lacy Carrall
Kelley Lohr
Deborah Anton
Cheryl Ball

One more thing to mention......
something I'm planning and working on
for the end of the work week.
A tease..... a small tease.... I will post more about it tonight.
I will leave you with a few words....
Junk Tour...... LAAASING..... Mystic Paper....
Miss Alayneeha... Hmmmm...
More tonight... I promise. It might be late tonight.
But it will be tonight.
Talk soon.


lifeheARTist said...

Wow! It looks great to me! Best wishes on your new journey with Amate!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks Donna!

Wendy said...

The flash site is great! Loads really fast. Good find!

carlene federer said...

Congrats on your design gig I'm sure you'll come up with some awesome projects!
I'd love to have some more shop talk and pick your brain again sometime!

Anonymous said...

the new site is darn tootin (all that cowgirl stuff is going to my head).
man, i have to save my allowance for a trip to arizona. you guys have way too much fun over there with all those events and your classes!!
cheers and
...happy trails! ;


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