Friday, April 10, 2009

Favorite Memory Friday....

New playlist today. Had to hear a few things.
Doing some reflecting.
This month is my birthday. Its a few weeks away.
Once again I think back on being younger.
The powerful things that shaped my mind.
The music, the people, the TV, the movies, the events.
What year (or years) held major importance.
I can track' em. I know the ones.
One in particular 79-80.
What a year. It held everything.
I remember roller skates. Grease. Star Wars was in full hype.
Xanadu-Olivia Newton John.

Flash Gordon- first movie I saw without my parents.
Bad, bad movie. But I loved every moment of it.
Fantasy Island was in its golden run.
Smiles, everyone smiles.

Lunch boxes.
I love lunch boxes. Still do.
What fantastic buckets of glory.
The best? At school- Lunch time. You could see rows and rows of lunch boxes.
Each lunch box reflected a different kid.
You had lunch boxes with Batman, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars,
Wonder Woman, Grease, Bee Gees, the list goes on.

Roller Rinks- I love roller rinks.
The sweet smell of sugar syrup, ice cream machines,
followed with the nasty smell of moldy socks.
Music with a beat urging you to that great smooth floor.
Neon light with that special black light glow-
turning anything white into a super funky delight.
Good times.
Was I any good at skating?
Did that stop me?
I would spend hours smashing myself into walls covered in carpet.
Once a month. Usually a skate party. Or school party.
I would take off to the rink.
To be a target for other kids to bruise, smash, and collide into.
But it was a safe place.
It sounds funny.
Most often my parents would drop me off.
With a set time to meet outside.
They would send me with five or ten bucks.
That was the best.
The snack bar was the ultimate delight.
Ice cream, corn dogs, sno-cones, licorice, pizza, candy.
Blisters- I remember blisters.
I remember bringing extra socks.

It was a place to flirt, be cool, fall on your ass, pick yourself back up.
I remember kids that would fall and not get back up.
Its not for everyone.
On the rink- its much like life.
You have kids that want to go fast, slow, some that can glide with grace,
others who cry and cling to the safety walls.
Some who sit and just eat. Never setting foot on the rink.
Just eating and watching others.
Some skate in pairs, or as a group.
Other times- your encouraged to race, play a game with everyone,
or find a partner to skate with.

I think that for my birthday- I will go skating.

Talk soon all!


JWood said...

i'll go skating with ya mike! i wonder why more adults don't do those SUPER FUN things anymore... are we too busy? too tired? real life stuff get in the way... you should rent out the place and invite ALL your blogger friends... *smile*

celebrate EVERY DAY! happy birthmonth!

Heartinmyhand said...

Hey,Mike and Cat long time. tooooooo long. Miss you guys. Have a happy bday this month Mike. We need to meet and chat

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I think adults don't skate anymore because the floors a lot harder now than it was back then!! Happy Birthday, Mike!! Keep those wheels on the floor!

CeCe said...

Skating sounds like a wonderful way to spend your birthday. When I was little the skates were clamped on to my shoes and I had a skate key! Loved it. When Amber was young there was many a time that she was dropped at the skate rink, just like you. I never took to the rink, just watched. BUT I did buy the shoe kind of skates and my best friend and I would take her skating over by A.S.U. Fun Times!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

A skate key-yes. Love it. I believe that in class -in Payson- someone collaged a skate key on to the board. If anyone finds an old skate key- I'll work a trade.

lifeheARTist said...

Happy Birthday month! : ) Loved the trip down memory lane! I remember all of those things as well, had a Charlie Brown lunch box and when I was older (girly perspective) the best part of the skating rink days was holding hands with the current *crush* to the slow skating songs. "Reunited" comes to mind. LOL! Oh... & one of my favorite things to *sneak* to the skating rink... Dr. Pepper lip gloss!! I wasn't allowed to wear make-up until I was 16 and that lip gloss had a reddish tint that was easily wiped off before my parents came to pick me up. heehee! Such a rebel I was! ; ) You should totally plan a trip to the skating rink for your b-day! I think you'd have a blast! : )

Robin said...

Thanks for the memories! I especially love your BeeGees lunch box and the pic of the roller skates. Happy Birthday month!

Take Care - Robin


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