Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Cat is out of the bag....Payson Beeswax

Thanks all for the kind and thoughtful comments on the last few posts.
I enjoyed reading about everyone's studio experience.

We are now back from Payson. Unloaded and rested.
Emptied all the suitcases of supplies and treasures.
Put the studio back in working order.
Paper & Metal Scrappers supplied us with a fantastic weekend of teaching!
It was a whirlwind of beeswax, laughter, and some very fine pieces.
The ladies of Payson are an incredibly strong group of artists.
We taught one class on Friday night.
Then we taught three classes on Saturday.
A full house and a full day on Saturday.
They devoured every technique. A very experienced bunch of gals.
No strangers to the power of Distress ink and Alcohol ink.
Saw some old friends, and met a few new ones.
Each and every one was a pure pleasure.
Brenda and Barbara (the owners) did a great job filling the classes.
Here is also a cool snip- Saturday was such a hustle and bustle type of day.
That I needed a pair of extra hands and some bees waxing help.
Many of you know my partner in all things. My wife Lesley.
Lesley is the other half of Jack & Cat Curio (AKA the Cat).
Lesley is a trained artist with a degree. Art major with a vast background.
Myself I'm a theater major and a jack of
many trades -much of them self taught.
I met Lesley while she was finishing school.
That was thirteen years ago. Love at first sight!
Anywho- we started Jack & Cat Curio together about three years ago.
Our styles are very similar.
But you can see the differences if you look really close.

The Cat hasn't taught a class in some time.
In the past the Cat has taught an ample amount
of classes ranging in a variety of subjects.
Public non credit classes. Chocolate demos and trade shows.
But as of late her teaching desires have not been burning.
That may have changed after this weekend.
Lesley jumped right into the role of teacher this weekend.
A huge needed help.
But now that she has a taste of teaching again- I think that perhaps the Cat is out of the bag...

So here are a few pics of the classes and a few projects.
Saw some of the best work I ever taught come out of these classes.
The ladies took the projects in all different directions.
Each with a very distinct personal voice.
Great ownership of each piece.
Thank you ladies for a wonderful time.
Lesley and I enjoyed our time with you all.

Big Thank you to Brenda and Barbara!
We love your store and your strong inspiration for all.


tanya watts said...

oh dear i would so love to come do a class with jack & cat! helaas, Arizona is just that bit too far for now! i'm off to spain to go play with Sue though si that'll be fun! happy Easter!!!
xox tanya

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Have fun with Sue. I wish the two of you lived closer. Miss you both. Perhaps we will be in Spain in a year or two. I can hope. Lisa if you are reading this- we received your email the other day. We had dreams of Spain for a full day or two.Perhaps we shall share with all. Talk soon Tanya!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Oh-Happy Easter as well!

lifeheARTist said...

Wow! What a great weekend! I know that you needed that too. The pieces you showed are amazing! Looking forward to Cat's leap from the bag...Go Cat Go! : ) Happy Easter to you both!

Tina said...

Eeeewwww! Awesome Works your students made! Wish I could be there!

Sonya said...

eeehh yaaaa looks like some creative talent going on here! Beautiful photos of the students work too. Best wishes to you both!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Looks like a lot of fun, Mike. Wonderful finished projects came out of that class!!

CeCe said...

Very impressive work indeed. Seems that is all you inspire, Mike. Always impressive because you teach from the soul.

Tricia Samsal said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! Those look so great! I really love the bird collage. You are a very talented teacher. Every class you do gets better and better.
HUgs, Tricia
Vintage Bliss

kim hesson said...

Looks like a huge success! So glad that Lesley was in the class with you! :) I remeber chatting about that with her :) funny how things work out!
we need to all go out for a bday celebration. mine is this month as well! catch ya later.


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