Monday, May 11, 2009

Art A Day

Discipline & workflow!
That's what its about.
Need to make a piece every day.
One of the many things I'm working on.
Here is the art a day for Sat & Sun.
Missed the posts.
Two digital pieces - keeping practice with layers in photoshop.
You don't use it- you loose it.
Talk soon!

Almost forgot- Thanks Beth for this inspiration! We love ya!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Beautiful work as always!

Judy said...

Nice work, Mike!

But how dreadful can a coffin be that is labeled "life preserving coffin in cases of death"!!! Reminds me of an old movie I saw once that featured a coffin that had a little bell attached to the lid with a string going through a hole in the lid in case the occupant came to and needed to get out! Just ring the bell! Macabre!!
Must have been a Victorian thing -- they were obsessed with death rituals.


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