Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday-Art Circles, Altered Art, & Ghosts!

I have a couple posts for today.
Last Friday! What a day!
Crafting and "shop talk" all day.
Great day.
A day filled with conversation, friends, inspiring ideas, and lots of art.
My Friday started with an invite to sit in with a certain
sassy, artistic, group of ladies here in town.
This is a group of ladies who I have had the pleasure of meeting several times.
Traded a few emails, shared a quick make n take with , ATC trades, etc.
But never really had the pleasure of sitting and creating with.
So on Friday I had the opportunity.
Our project that morning?
Paper Mache Bulls.
At first the prospect of tackling the bull by the horns- threw me for a loop.
How was I going to alter it?
Or "goth" out a paper mache bull to my fancy?
Then I remembered a technique that I quite liked
a few months ago on paper mache.
Metal tape.
I like the distressed, metallic look of it on paper mache.
Wrap it, sand it, texture it, paint it , age it.
I like the look.
What I like about art circles, or art gatherings of any sort.
Is the direction and personal style everybody takes with their own piece.

Hers's some pics stolen from Chia's blog of our bulls.

Thank you Chris, Billie, and Chia!
Loved hanging with ya!!

After that! I was off to Mystic Paper to set up and prep for LAASING.
( LAASING -Late Afternoon Altered Art Social Intimate Network Gathering)
A night of altered art technique, projects, and shop talk.
Six of us gathered in the Mystic Paper classroom
for several hours on Friday night.
Topics discussed:
everyday life, copyright, Diamond Glaze, UTEE, blogging and Etsy shops.
In between conversation we had some time to dabble with UTEE.

Then we ended the night with a few good old ghost stories and lots of laughs.
The plan is to get together next month at the same time.
So keep your eyes open.
We have also discussed getting together
the Thursday before the meet for an infamous "Junk Tour."
Can't wait!

Thanks- Kim H, Sherry, Cassy and Donna!
Lesley and I had a great time!


AimeeInOhio said...

oh my heavens, what fun! Never thought of altering a bull! heehe
those are awesome.

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Good to hear from ya Aimee!

eclectic archivist said...

Wow "Jack" that's a lot of bull...

Chia said...

My bull told me he wasn't completely happy with his new do so he went in for a Mother's Day makeover. The poor dear needed more work than he thought and isn't done yet. When he is I will share.

We had a great time chatting and working with you!

Wendy said...

Goth-ing the bull is quite the thought, isn't it! Liking your approach, he looks like vintage Spanish jewelry I've seen. Ole!

Lindsey said...

I saw these pigs at Michael's today and thought about you guys.

Hopefully I can catch a LAASSING session one of these days..... sounds like a blast...

Glad you are back to the blog


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