Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rude BoyJava Mix- Needed a touch of reggae

So I will post later today.
This morning I needed a touch of reggae.
So I changed the music player.
Feeling nice and mellow this morning.
The sun is bright and hot.
Nothing better than a sunny Saturday morning.
With good tunes and people you love.
Talk soon.


lifeheARTist said...

Had a great time last night! Loved meeting Leslie, learning some new techniques & just having some great unwind time! Enjoy the weekend! : )

CeCe said...

Good to have you posting again! Know you are glad school is out!!!!

JWood said...

check out my son's myspace at 100memberband. as a former bassist for authority zero (famous for the reggae beats) he is writing music with people from every genre...

tanya watts said...

will you please do me a favour and hop over to my blog and choose from the entries of my students, pick one winner and put the name in a comment to my post so they see it is a fair vote, i would be really grateful!
thanks tanya

Anonymous said...

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