Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Artman hustle....

Artman hustle......

That's what I'm doing this morning. Running on a few hours sleep. Three I think. Had the flu somethin wicked yesterday and the touch the day before.
Knocked me on my ass.
But then I'm a guy ... we make things over the
top when we get sick-so melodramatic.
So anywho.... behind...
Lately with the economy ...
I have had to search out clients a little more for bigger design jobs.
I'm job searching full time now.
The freelance design options are moving a touch slow this month.
Need to join a big house.
Art house that is.
Also putting myself back in the classroom teaching again.
Hence my blog went scattered the last week.
Expect a little more of that.
Time is tight. So is money.

This morning I'm trying to finish several pieces for
classroom examples for a few folks.
I have a class coming up in a week at Mystic- Utee and beeswax.
Trying to put up two new examples for that class.
Also finishing a few Paris Beeswax boards.
A few special "Etsy" orders.
My floors are filled with projects today.
Today is a beeswax crazy day.
Hence the artman hustle reference.
Need to finish all these pieces in the next few- get them out.
Then need to finish some design jobs. Nuthin like web code.
Then out the door.
If you have not heard back from me in a few. I will be checking in with ya shortly.
Also I need to visit my sista for her birthday!
Here are some shots of projects waiting to be finished.

I will post a few before and after shots later tonight.
Talk soon all.
Class example Utee and Beeswax/ Graphic 45

New projects & more.......

Paris pieces.... Almost done...
My resin lab and work desk.


thewillowsnest said...

wow , looks like you have the projects on the go'!!
Makin' me feel kinda slack!

Hope you can get in a power nap!!
Cheers , Helen

Tina said...

Busy busy!! I'm right there with ya, other than the kick ass flu stuff, you can keep that~ Looks super!!

lifeheARTist said...

feel better! The projects look GREAT! When you have some free time (i know) give me a call; have an idea & wanted to run it by. : )


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