Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where have we been?

Where Have We been?

Lost in the studio.
Totally lost.
Also I took a spin in cyber space ... fixing many a glitch for many a client.
It seems to be the week of computer problems.

So the blog has a new look.....trying a few things.
Would love any feedback.
Do folks like the "read more" type option?
Is the blog loading way slow for folks? Let me know...

The music? I know its a love hate for most of you.
This week you have a summer "surf n turf" mix
with a touch of hillbilly thrown in.
Fried chicken & snack crackers on
the beach- while wearing pointy boots.

Makes me hungry this morning.
I might take a spin into Phoenix for
some Lolo's Chicken & Waffles this morning.
We don't have many soul food restaurants here in town.
But the ones that we do - are damn fine.

So this has been a wild week of this and that.
Last weekend I taught a fine beeswax class to a talented group of ladies.
I couldn't speak worth a damn.
However they were quite kind and made some fab pieces.
Anyone ever have those days where your mouth
just doesn't work with your brain?
I sounded like the adult character out of a Charlie Brown cartoon.
Cool class.

Anywho... so here are my "art a day" submissions for the last week.
I have gone resin crazy.
Been mixin and playin with resin for the last two weeks.
Its a great partner for the Amate Studios product.
I think my neighbors might be worried that I might be a meth lab...
when you look in to my studio from the street... you see me pouring
and mixing all types of bottles.
I have several fans going... all my windows open... music up on full.
Good times.
Need good ventilation for resin.
Plus I do a little soldering in between.

I will also start posting my directions for
my submission pieces for Amate here on the blog for all.

This week I missed another get together with the Fearsome Four.
Next week ladies. I will be hunting you all down soon.

However this week
I was able to play and create with the
very talented Giuseppina "Josie" Cirincione.
We had a little craft circle of our own this week and traded a few techniques.
What I love about Josie is the "no bullshit" factor.
She is a no "bobble" head kinda girl.

The girl is too damn clever- no wasted material,
everything has a purpose, well thought out methods.
I like clever.
I like clever and I like soul.
She has both.
Had a great time.
Thanks Josie!

So that's the news. Looking to get some samples done for more classes.
Looking for some sort of adventure this weekend.
Also sleep. I need sleep.
I also need a good book.

We also had a death in the family this week.
My thoughts are with those family members.

Here are the pics of some of our resin pieces...
Talk soon all.

My creation


Chia said...

You won't have to hunt to hard.. Same Bat time, Same Bat channel as the last visit. Doing a junk project this time. :)

Anonymous said...

First of all...Stray Cats rock!
But then you already now that. Lovin' the resin pieces. Are you doing the two part and the quick dry on these pieces? An does the quick dry raise like the resin?

Robin said...

Your blog rocks! Love the music and those pics on each side of the player. Your work is simply amazing and your posts are hilarious...meth lab...too funny! On a serious note, sorry to hear about the death in your family.

Take Care - Robin

Jan C. said...

Great pieces - it would be hard to choose one. I "love" your music - in fact I often keep your page open and read emails on another so I can listen. Can hardly wait for June 20th as I'm taking your class - a first.

Christen Shaw said...

These pieces are absolutely beautiful... is it too much to hope a lovely resin ring might find it's way to Seattle?
The Mama Raven is heading this way... perhaps you could slip it in her purse?

Tricia Samsal said...

Hey guys! Love the creations, would love to learn the resin technique. I have been wanting so bad to learn it. Teach me! On another note, please call me or email, I would love to use one of your pics for the cover of my next BT mag. I would give you a free banner ad for the picture, just need the go ahead from you. This issue is going to be the best one yet!
HUgs, Tricia

Julie B. said...

Nice resin work! I love playing w/resin! I'm trying to figure out how to make a keychain for my son's scooter w/one of those flying monkeys I bought at Art Unraveled last year...any ideas?

lifeheARTist said...

Geez.. i'm not sure where to start! I hear ya on the *busy* factor! The resin pieces are kick-ass!! I gasped when i saw my very favorite one at the top. Does that mean you've made another??? : ) I'm bummed that i didn't make it to the landslide... i know, i know LAAASING but i can never remember the initials and I'm just a goof that way! ; ) I'll bet you had a blast too... i didn't know until way late : ( I'm also sorry to hear about your loss; you & Lesley are in my thoughts. (((hugs to you both))) Your blog is always amazing! I don't think that you have it in your genes to mess it up; you're just too stinkin' creative for that! Love the new look, the tunes are cool in a "moody" type of way & there's just enough eye candy... love it! I think I need a class, get together... anything that screams *adult*! LOL! I'll have to pop in and say hi. Missing everyone at Mystic! : )


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