Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I have guests..... very bad guests.... Yes. I have guests.
They have been here at our home since Friday.
They will be with us til next Monday.
Evil does have a face... and a name... it does come in certain packages.
So far they have terrorized the other members of the home.
They eat any food they find. They take our clothes and do odd things with them.
They put half chewed lizards in our bed. They stay up late making loud noises.
They rudely wake me up early in the morning.
They also pass gas a lot. Unnaturally so...
They also pee and shit all over the house.

There must me something wrong with their food!
In the last few days my life consists of inspecting different resins.
Comparing the differences between clear
adhesives, epoxies, lacquers, and glazes.

Catering to a cranky fifteen year old. Having heat rash.
Cranky clients. High summer temps.

A house filled with a crazed cat and three farting and shitting dogs.
Filling bones with peanut butter and repairing broken birdhouses.

So if I have not responded to your email in the last day or two,
it is most likely that I'm cleaning up dog shit,
removing lizards from my bed, saving my cat,

or trying to mend the health of three dogs.
But life is all good.


JWood said...

forget the STAYcation, you need a VAcation this year... shitting dogs, who would have thought? lol... nice to see you back...

Christen Shaw said...

So you don't want to babysit the wolves when next we visit? Sounds like you need a vacation... there's a certain city in the northwest with cool weather, an extra bedroom, great food and awesome bars, and a couple people who would love to see you... no, not Portland...

Poetic Artist said...

You are too funny..Get away while you can..LOL.

CeCe said...

Awesome visiting with you, at Mystic, yesterday. No wonder the world is heavy. It is filled with shit! Thanks for helping rid the world of it!

Judy said...

Oh my! Learn from this! No more dogs as visitors!!

I'm not a dog person and freely admit it. Wouldn't want to take care of one -- ever!

You have my sympathy!

Julie B. said...

Two words...crate training!

AimeeInOhio said...

What a post , Mike. I hve a bran' spankin' new blue heeler you can baby sit! bwahahaha

julie Haymaker thompson said...

OMG I am so not a fan of big dogs !!!!! You poor things. Well I love animals and all but big dogs and all that hair and fur flying everywhere!!

Wendy said...

Maybe you could teach them to paint ( like elephants in the zoo ) and at least sell their work to pay for the damages!

Debra Mc said...

Oh, but those faces!
I love dogs, but I've never babysat 3 large ones; it does sound like a nightmare.
Love your new self-portrait. I too need a profile pic. Could you make me one, maybe with a chipmunk head???


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